June 18, 2024
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June 18, 2024
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Roar Like a Lion: ‘Rabbi Jake’ Engages Jewish Children With Peppy Tunes

Rabbi Jake Czuper, a Jewish educator and musician from Atlanta, has been performing and educating children about Jewish values with his newly released album, a CD of high-energy, unique, kid-friendly pop tunes with sweet melodies and rhymes, all with a frum edge. If your kids love Uncle Moishy, they will love this too, and parents can’t help but sing along as well. He has performed all over the country, and has earned credibility from children and parents across the spectrum of the Jewish world.

One example of a Rabbi Jake song that is so fun and singable shows clever and deceptively simple lyrics, that parents are sure to join their kids singing it during carpool. The following lyrics are from Rabbi Jake’s song, “Roar:”

There once was a boy named Tani,

Who woke up singing Modeh Ani,

He jumped out of bed, just like the

Shulchan Aruch says,

Yisgaber Ke’Ari (strong like a lion).

He said, “When I wake up I’m gonna

roar like a lion,

Roar like a lion, roar like a lion

And do the mitzvahs of Hashem.”

Rabbi Jake, as he is known by his fans, grew up playing musical instruments such as guitar and piano. He took lessons for one year, but quickly realized he found more joy playing music he had himself written. It was not until he had children of his own that he began writing more children’s music than he ever had before. “It’s amazing how children react to music; you play something and they start bouncing around,” he said.

His first performances were for the children in the pre-school class where his wife taught. “I was invited into my wife’s pre-k classes for little parties, and I was more inspired to see their reactions to the music I played. Parents are looking for fun and educational way to teach their children, and I am able to provide a fun, meaningful Jewish experience,” he said.

Some themes of his music include embracing Jewish pride, and performing the mitzvahs of living a joyous Jewish life. One of his well-known songs teaches the Aleph Beis to children, and has been featured in a full-length music video that combines the music with an educational component, and is available here: http://tinyurl.com/ps77pol.

All of the songs featured on Rabbi Jake’s recently released album are original compositions. “I’ve always enjoyed writing music and capturing different ideas into songs,” he said. Since its release, the album has inspired hundreds of children to dance and sing, all while learning educational concepts.

Not only does he write the music, but he performs it. Rabbi Jake offers entertaining and inspirational events, for children and their families, that will promote an excitement towards Judaism. He performs at birthday parties, Sunday school gatherings, summer camps, community-wide concerts and even school events. His music plays equally well to almost every Jewish crowd, including mainstream Orthodox, kiruv, secular and everywhere in between.

“Music is the spark that ignites the soul, and the songs that I have composed for this CD speak to the Jewish child’s heart and allow children to experience the joy of Judaism in a fun and exciting way,” he wrote on his webpage. By bringing LED lighting and a bubble machine to his shows, he enlivens the concert experience for children. Rabbi Jake was recently interviewed on Nachum Segal’s JM in the AM as part of a series on up-and-coming children’s entertainers.

“When children are having fun, it’s the best time to teach them. Sometimes you miss out on opportunities to teach, and the best time to do it is when they are having a really fun time,” he said.

Rabbi Jake: Volume 1, was produced by Hillel Kaps Productions and is distributed worldwide by Nigun Music. Look for his CD in your local Jewish store, iTunes, and at  www.rabbijakemusic.com.

By Amanda Leifer

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