September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

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Rosh Hashanah Thoughts and Prayers

The year 5781 has been a truly unprecedented year for all of us. We have rolled with many punches, endured shocking and immense losses, and yet learned new ways to celebrate smachot and found joy in the smallest of things. We have been awed by the endurance and positivity of our children, who have, unfortunately, witnessed so much sadness and pain.

Many of us even took small trips this summer; maybe they weren’t all on jumbo jets to fancy international destinations, but a lot of us escaped town to the beach or the mountains and enjoyed a bit of nature or culture for a while. While this summer was much more relaxed than last—as many of us are now fully vaccinated—there is still a lot of uncertainty, and uncertainty breeds discomfort.

But there are some things that don’t ever change. Shimon HaTzadik’s words still ring true. The entire world (still) rests on three pillars: Torah, mitzvot and gemilut chasadim (acts of lovingkindness).

Possibly this thought can help us focus our davening and help us prepare for the coming year and convey to Hashem our love for Him and for the world He has given us. And the world we remember, that we hope to see again.

We daven that this coming year the world will still rest on these three majestic pillars; that we will continue to learn Torah, serve Hashem and look after each other with love and hope. Are these not active roles we can take in our world to usher in better days?

We can’t tell the future, and we are uncertain what it will bring, but that does not have to get in the way of our service to Hashem and to one another, does it?

We daven that our rabbinic and medical community will have the strength in 5782 to continue to lead us with intellect and empathy and that this pandemic will end, speedily.

And above all, we wish you, your families and everyone in our readership a Shana Tova U’Metuka. A happy, healthy and sweet new year.

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