December 8, 2023
December 8, 2023

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RPRY Faculty Participate in Professional Development

The entire RPRY faculty participated in an enriching day of learning on Thursday February 25. The faculty left invigorated and inspired. Peer-to-peer sharing sessions gave the participants a better appreciation for their RPRY faculty colleagues.

All faculty attended a session on “Using Blended Learning to Personalize Instruction.”

They later chose from a menu of peer-to-peer sharing sessions that included these topics:

“Values That Inspire Our Teaching”; “Using Literature Stations”; “Small Group Instruction Networking”; “Using Learning Menus”; “Using Technology Resources such as Jewish Interactive, Quizlet, and Zaption”; “Easy Tweaks/Big Impact for Differentiation”; and “Decoding Strategies for Multi-Syllabic Words.”

The day also included curriculum and department meetings.

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