September 26, 2023
September 26, 2023

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Sari’s Wigs Opens New Full Service Salon

Sari’s Wigs has certainly come a long way since Sari started her wig business nine years ago, out of her kitchen sink in New Milford. Since then she has moved to two different locations, but quickly outgrew each one. This week, Sari opened up a brand new, bigger and more beautifully decorated salon in the heart of Teaneck to better service the growing needs of her clientele. Sari designed a gorgeous and spacious salon so that her clients can feel like covering their hair is a special experience. While designing her salon, she took into account the needs of her clients, so that those coming in with strollers and or wheelchairs can easily enter her ground floor salon without having to use any stairs.

With the additional space, Sari has been able to expand the variety of sheitels she sells. Sari now sells lace tops and lace fronts, which are becoming very popular. Over the years, Sari has been creating and perfecting more comfortable sheitel caps that are extremely lightweight and very natural looking. Her clients are thrilled with how comfortable and stylish the sheitels are, and keep coming back to buy more.

Sari’s passion for hair and wigs started in high school. She fondly remembers spending lunchtime cutting and styling her friends’ hair in the bathroom. Having attended Stern College for women, she received a master’s degree in language and literacy development. However, while working in the field of child development, her hobby of styling sheitels for friends and family became her passion and took her down a new professional path. She decided to go back to school and attended both the Christine Valmy International School of Hair Design, and the School of Wig Design. There she honed her skills in trendy and pioneering hair-styling techniques.

Currently, Sari is a licensed New Jersey cosmetologist and licensed wig designer. Anyone with a sheitel question can feel confident bringing their wig to her. “People think cosmetology school is just for makeup, but there’s so much about hair too,” she explained. Her store is licensed to dye, perm and style, “which I then carried over to wig design,” she said.

Sari decided to respond to the growing needs of women in Bergen County, and established Sari’s Wigs nine years ago. Sari’s Wigs provides a one-stop-shop option for Teaneck women. The store sells different brands, and also will wash, dye, cut, make alterations and work with whatever needs the customer may have. Bringing a warm and helpful air to the field of sheitels, many women will breathe a sigh of relief dealing with Sari’s staff, who are helpful, friendly and attentive to each client.

Many women look to Sari’s Wigs for stylish, natural and comfortable wig designs. Her blend of expertise and diligence as well as her remarkable professionalism is expressed through her ability to meet every individual request of her customers, down to the smallest details. Right from the initial consultation, Sari immediately determines the customer’s ideal wig design and provides creative feedback on how to achieve the “perfect look.” She will suggest the most appropriate style and design that is suitable for that customer’s specific needs, whether it is a long-time sheitel wearer looking to freshen up a look, a kallah, someone who would like to start covering her hair or a woman who needs a wig for medical reasons.

“First-time sheitel-wearing requires more attention, and we are happy to give it. We train our customers in how to take care of their wigs, put them on so they stay on right, and when needed, how to blend it well,” she said.

Sari’s Wigs seeks to stay on the “cutting edge” of hair styles. “Anything that can be done with hair, we can almost always do here,” Sari said. While traditional color is always sought after, many are looking for custom coloring techniques to enhance their sheitel’s cut. Balayage and ombre coloring techniques are popular and both can be done with a dramatic or natural appearance. In addition, many sheitels are now cut with a razor rather than scissors, for a light, feathery look. Sari and her talented staff are well-trained in these techniques.

Whether a client needs to purchase a new wig, give an existing one a whole makeover, or anything in between, Sari’s Wigs will take care of the sheitel as well as the client. In the meantime, she offered tips for the wig wearer: “For a quick refresh in between washes, try spraying with dry shampoo (sold at most drugstores) and shake it out. Additionally, if your sheitel is looking dull, try a drop of Moroccan oil at the ends of the wig to add shine.”

Besides doing all services on site, cuts are done on the client’s head, to ensure the cut complements their facial features. “Each and every client is treated as an individual,” Sari emphasized. “We take time to get to know who they are and ensure the right cut and style.”

Sari’s studio adheres to the strict COVID-19 safety requirements. There is a separate waiting area for clients, who have their temperature taken and hands sanitized before entering. Wearing masks and social distancing between clients is required.

Call or text Sari’s Wigs at 201-694-5319 for all your sheitel needs. Follow on Instagram @sariswigs.

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