Thursday, March 23, 2023

Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls has a longstanding relationship with a vital community resource in CCSA: Communities Confronting Substance Use and Addiction. This past week, all Ma’ayanot students learnt from CCSA educators in small grade based groups.

CCSA is currently among the leading providers of evidence based substance use prevention and awareness programming in our broader Yeshiva Day School community. As CCSA has developed their materials, Ma’ayanot students, faculty and families have been the beneficiaries of their growing body of expertise. Their work is evidence based and tailored to meet the developmental needs of each grade.

Each CCSA program presented research based facts about the risks of substance use, teenage brain development, the realities of peer pressure, coping and refusal skills. All the grade programs had a common thread encouraging students to have the courage to speak out and find a trusted adult if they are concerned about themselves or someone they know.

The ninth grade program focused on understanding the consequences of alcohol, nicotine and marijuana use on the brain and its impact on development.

The 10th grade program honed in on driving under the influence. It includes the use of fatal vision goggles, which mimic the effects of using various substances. The 11th grade program did a deeper dive into the substances teens may come across or learn about and the behavioral addictions teens may experience. The 12th grade program looked at the transition after high school (Israel, college, employment).

Students learned and grew from the great material, riveting presenters and hands on activities and are following up in guidance sessions to expand their learning.

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