Saturday, April 01, 2023

Students in Ayelet Kopel’s forensics science class are learning about different fibers and how they can be helpful in tracking a suspect based on his garments. Students went into the laboratory and compared six different fabrics under a microscope and then conducted a burn test, a very common test used on textiles in forensic laboratories. The students examined how different fabrics behaved when they were heated up and when they were lit on fire. The next day in the lab, the students were greeted by TABC’s own Rabbi Strassman, ‘05 who talked to students about shatnez and how he needs to analyze every suit that he is given and act like a forensic investigator to check the fabrics woven into the suit. He brought samples of garments for students to look at and identify differences in, while looking for linen under the microscope. This was a great real-life application of the science that the students are learning in class. Thank you Rabbi Strassman for making this a true Torah u’madda experience!

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