December 8, 2023
December 8, 2023

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Simply Tsfat Captivates Frisch Music Students

Adar was immediately more joyous with the musical appearance of Simply Tsfat, whose members visited Frisch to discuss the power of music. They stipulated that music enhances the ability to serve Hashem, and serves as a source of positive energy. Simply Tsfat addressed seniors enrolled in the music elective course (and some other students who showed up to enjoy the divrei Torah and concert).

The group was invited by Rabbi Gedaliah Jaffe, who teaches Talmud and Tanach at Frisch. “I believe that there is a place for everyone’s passions in Judaism and that these talents can find their expression without ever having to compromise on one’s commitment to halacha,” said Rabbi Jaffe. “Simply Tsfat is a band of three accomplished Chassidic musicians who use their gifts to spread messages of hope, encouragement, and joy. I hope that the students will see these musicians as role models for their own lives, and see that they can take their dreams and passions and use them in Avodat Hashem.”

Simply Tsfat is composed of two Americans and one Israeli. They have played all over the world, from New York and Philadelphia to Portland and Miami, from Guatemala to Costa Rica. Their music has reached audiences that include Jewish inmates at federal prisons, Jews from Hasidic to Modern Orthodox to Conservative backgrounds, Israeli soldiers and residents of old age homes. No matter the level of religious observance or age, people are deeply touched by the beautiful and simple melodies Simpy Tsfat creates.

“Simply Tsfat didn’t just come to Frisch to share their beautiful music with us; they also came to pass on a message,” said Keren Schwartzman ‘16. “Simply Tsfat emphasized the power of music to make us happy, sad and to touch others when we share it. As a musician, I felt very moved.”

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