May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024
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Sit-Safe Chair Protectors Offer Peace of Mind

(Courtesy of Sit-Safe) COVID has changed the world, and everyday life has been turned upside down. From work to pleasure, from business to family visits. We are living in a new world. Everyone is facing these new changes.

Social distancing has proven to be an effective preventive measure to slow the spread of the virus. However, this distancing has disrupted our everyday social interactions. Schools, houses of worship, restaurants, sports and cultural venues, travel; so many social activities have ceased or been severely curtailed to stop the spread of COVID.

As we anticipate and await a vaccine, we learn of and are being introduced to new products with the goal to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Every new item is a piece of the COVID battle puzzle.

How can we get back to some degree of normalcy?

We need schools to open safely with full attendance; food establishments are facing closing and bankruptcy; people want to worship and socialize together again. We just want to interact with each other. After so much time apart the lesson we’ve learned is that we really need each other.

Is there anything else we can do to alleviate this upheaval?

All medical professionals and the CDC have recommended a separation of six feet or more between people and the wearing of face masks.


Our children desperately need school structure for education and social interaction. Safety procedures are a real challenge for students and teachers, and not all schools have been able to open safely.

One solution is the addition of desk barriers, which is great. but not complete; your body is still exposed to the person sitting next to you and to any passerby in your aisle. And having desks six feet apart in all directions is impractical.

Faced with this new challenge, Sit-Safe has developed a patent pending chair barrier, which complements the desk barrier to create an enclosed environment for each student.

Our lightweight clear Plexiglas chair barrier attaches securely to any style chair and provides an added layer of protection needed to keep our children and teachers safe. The Sit-Safe encloses the student on three sides with ample side opening for air flow while protecting the occupant. The light weight allows for easy movement.

The Sit-Safe unique patent pending chair protector is designed to protect our children in school from COVID as well as other airborne germs like the common cold, flu, etc.

Most importantly, together with other complementary products, Sit-Safe allows for full classrooms to resume quickly, providing an added measure of security and peace of mind.

For more information we invite you to view our 60-second video on our site and to see how Sit-Safe can help you open your school doors.


All sit down food establishments are experiencing an economic challenge never before dealt with on such a large scale. The closing and/or limited capacity of these establishments leaves them with very little opportunities to recover as they contemplate shutting their businesses and face financial ruin.

We at Sit-Safe have a possible solution; in addition to our school barrier model we provide a dining chair model seat barrier specifically designed for individuals in a restaurant environment.

Like the school model, this dining chair model attaches easily and securely to any style chair. Its lightweight design allows easy movement and is available in a taller version.

The dining barrier provides individual protection from other customers and staff walking close by. Moreover the barriers allow for more tables to be closer together; increasing capacity and making the business more viable.

Houses of Worship:

The COVID pandemic has curtailed our most cherished prayer services in our synagogues. Congregations have had to limit participants and establish outdoor services. Sadly the pandemic is still with us and the weather will not be conducive to outdoor gatherings. Six foot distancing in our buildings is not practical.

Once again, Sit-Safe provides a solution, our chair barrier is designed specifically for religious services. Like the other models, it attached securely to any style chair. It compliments a table/desk barrier or can be used by itself. The tall version provides added protection when standing during services.

There are many other venues that will benefit from Sit-Safe.

For more information on our Sit-Safe chair and desktop products please visit us at  and contact us at [email protected] or phone 1-347-618-9004

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