April 8, 2024
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April 8, 2024
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The destination of one of life’s greatest journeys culminates at the magical intersection where the paths of sharing and receiving inspiration converge. These memorable moments afford us the clear sense of a Heavenly Hand orchestrating a predetermined, purposeful mission which we were destined to undertake. I remain invigorated by a recent such journey.

A few months ago, my wife and I spent a few days at a health and wellness resort that offers a wide array of classes and activities. On the advice of one of the program managers I registered for a session, called “Soul Journey” at the resort’s Spiritual Wellness department. The fact that I agreed to risk registering remains a great mystery to me, as was the unexplained sense of purpose that I felt pulling me towards the session.

As the appointed time for my “Soul Journey” approached, I made sure to wear my tzitzis (moving from one exercise class to another), before settling into the Spiritual Wellness department’s waiting room. Armed with a feeling of higher purpose, I gained a further sense of hashgachah pratis, Divine povidence, at play, the minute I met Adam, my spiritual wellness provider.

Adam was neatly dressed and fit the description of a decades-long deep thinker and experienced therapist. Adam led me to his office which was replete with two chairs, a small coffee table, a place to recline and a large window overlooking the majestic landscape. Clipboard in hand and small round glasses resting on the edge of his nose, Adam proceeded to describe the soul journey I was about to embark on.

During this life-altering experience I would be lying down with my eyes closed while he would dim the lights and play my choice of instruments, eliciting a calming, meditative atmosphere. Adam implored me to check my preconceived notions at the door while allowing my soul to travel freely. He explained that the Soul Journey is based on the foundational elements of earth, wind, fire and water (a comment that further raised my antenna) and that amidst my journey I could fly, breath under water, exist in fire and move uninhibited through earth.

Adam conveyed the high probability that my soul would encounter other souls from a previous life, or perhaps souls I had once met who may have important messages for me. Adam invited any last minute comments or questions. I responded that I am an Orthodox Jew (hoping to fend off anything too “foreign” from entering the experience) but was prepared for the journey he was about to lead. I reclined and closed my eyes as the room darkened, instrument playing commenced and I embarked on my Soul Journey.

Early in my journey I was empowered by the realization that I could be the master of my own thoughts. While I partially played along with Adam in the early stages, I quickly drove my thoughts in my intended direction. Adam soon evoked a meditative tone as he asked me where I was. I responded that I felt myself traveling down a long brick road. Upon receiving encouragement to continue, I relayed that I entered an arched gate in a brick wall and was now flying somewhere on the other side. Adam offered final encouragement to travel and to “be there” in my journey before letting me know he would exit my journey and meet me at the end.

Following another 20 minutes traveling alone with my thoughts, Adam slowed the instrument while encouraging me to return. Eventually, Adam turned the lights back on, and invited me back to the chair, before asking me to summarize my journey.

With clipboard and pen in hand, Adam asked if I took the journey seriously, to which I responded that I most certainly had. He asked if I recalled traveling anywhere specific. Once again, I responded in the affirmative. Adam further asked if I spoke to anyone and if they had given me any specific messages. I smiled and responded that I recalled meeting numerous people along my journey, with whom I had meaningful conversations. ith Adam’s curiosity and note-taking at a fevered pitch, I began.

I conveyed that my journey took me to Eastern Europe pre-World War II, prior to the Holocaust. Noticing Adam’s interest level rising, I explained that I met numerous relatives from Eastern Europe, while simultaneously meeting a vast array of world famous rabbinic figures, all of whom perished in the Holocaust. I further revealed that my long-lost relatives and the world famous rabbinic figures validated for me what my life mission is, drawing Adam to the edge of his seat at the realization that the life-altering impact of his Soul Journey was about to be validated.

I shared that aside from taking care of my family and career, my mission moving forward is to travel the world in search of Jews who are detached from Torah Judaism and to help inspire them to return. A silence descended upon the room as Adam’s pen dropped.

Pivoting, I explained to Adam that the foundational elements of earth, wind, fire and water that he earlier referred to are rooted in Kabbalah and clearly emanate from Judaism. Adam was amazed.

It was my turn to pose two final questions, starting with my curiosity regarding Adam’s career path. Adam described the long winded process that led him to his decades-long study of mindfulness and to travel the world in his search to understand the workings of the soul.

I leaned in for my final question, which I prefaced by letting Adam know that he did not need to answer.

“Adam,” I asked, “are you Jewish?” A deafening silence ensued.

“Yes,” Adam responded.

Following another inspired silence, and nodding proudly, Adam repeated,

“Yes Daniel, I am Jewish”.

In a powerful shared moment of silent inspiration now seared into my soul, two Jewish neshamos converged. One’s Soul Journey strengthened, while another’s had just begun.

Daniel Gibber is a longtime resident of Teaneck and is a VP of Sales at Deb El Food Products. In addition to learning as much Torah as he can, he is also privileged to speak periodically on the topic of emunah and be involved in Jewish outreach through Olami Manhattan. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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