June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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Spirit Fit Life to Host First-Ever Event Experience for Women on August 1

Guest speakers will include marathon runner Beatie Deutsch, kosher foodie Esty Wolbe, parenting expert Blimie Heller and musical artists Dobby Baum and Nechama Cohen.

When Liba Yoffe started Spirit Fit Life, a unique wellness coaching program tailored to each participant, she came in with a mission. Yoffe made it her goal to help women take control of their lives in every aspect. With a background in both teaching and fitness, she wanted to make the most of her talents and bring healthy living to Jewish women—for both physical and mental strength.

“There was no program out there that focused on helping Jewish women in this way,” Yoffe said. “I felt like there was a lack, and this was something that was really needed. So I took everything that I’ve done throughout my life and created this program.”

Since its inception in 2019, Spirit Fit Life has really taken off—more so than Yoffe expected. “I had no idea what the magnitude of our impact would be,” she said. She attributed the program’s success to its distinctive program setup, which combines physical fitness, nutrition, mental health and resilience training—and building confidence. Aptly, the Spirit Fit Life mantra reads: “First mind, then body will follow.”

Yoffe explained that her programming is geared towards women of all backgrounds and lifestyles, but her mindset is in helping the next generation as well. “We, as women, want to raise children who are strong and healthy. In order to do that, we need to be strong and healthy ourselves.” That’s why her approach is not just in fitness courses and coaching, but in helping women learn skills that will help them become empowered leaders, in both their personal lives and in the community at large.

Spirit Fit Life, run through a virtual network, has an impressive roster of staff across the country, including personal trainers, nutritionists and educators. Yoffe’s goal in building this network was to reach as many women as possible with her unique approach, which is part of a broader vision to “create as much impact as possible.”

Making an impact is also what sparked the idea to host the Spirit Fit Life event—happening for the very first time this coming Sunday, August 1 at Congregation Ahavath Torah in Englewood.

“Our traditional program is an exclusive one, and not everyone gets the chance to be a part of it,” Yoffe explained. “I wanted to host events like this so that everyone can benefit. We want more people to have the opportunity to have a day where they can grow, learn and have fun.”

The upcoming event has taken Yoffe several months to plan, and the result is a schedule with inspiring programming led by women who are “aligned with the mission” of Spirit Fit Life. The event boasts incredible guests, including marathon runner Beatie Deutsch, kosher foodie Esty Wolbe, parenting expert Blimie Heller and musical artists Dobby Baum and Nechama Cohen.

Yoffe curated the event’s programming to reflect Spirit Fit Life’s overall objective—to give women the tools to take control of their lives in a relaxing, fun and powerful way. “A big part of this will be combining enjoyment with learning something new,” she said. “We want the content to be relatable and entertaining.”

In addition to the spectacular speakers, gourmet kosher food will be served to all participants, courtesy of Village Crown Catering. “This is more than just a lunch or dinner,” said Yoffe. “We want this to be a whole afternoon and evening where women can just let go and relax.”

Although Yoffe is based in Arizona, she chose to host this event in the tri-state area for the same reason she decided to create the program in the first place: for more impact. “We wanted this to be accessible to as many people as possible.” When asked why she chose Ahavath Torah specifically, she said that not only is it a great space, but the community will add a lot to the event. “Englewood has a great crowd in a great neighborhood,” she said.

“This event is different from anything we’ve ever done before. The mission is to make an impact on a massive scale; every life we change, we are changing an entire generation.”

Tickets are still available for Sunday’s event, but are selling out fast. To buy tickets, please visit: https://spiritfitlife.clickfunnels.com/order-ticket or email [email protected].

By Channa Fischer


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