December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Heichal HaTorah Engineers Smart Technology

Heichal HaTorah sophomore Engineering Club members Avi Bunick and Yehuda Schmidt combined their creative minds and designed a battery-powered go-kart. Although still in its preliminary stages, the club plans to include smart technology upgrades in future models. Under the guidance of STEM Principal Dr. Joel Berman, the Engineering Club members have mastered concepts in electronics, voltage and power, and applied their knowledge to each component of the go-kart’s design. In order to design their go-kart, the students made several attempts before a successful run was achieved. The next stage involves mastering programming techniques to incorporate smart upgrades, including a GPS navigational system and other necessary safety measures. Dr. Berman expressed how proud he is of these motivated talmidim who have deployed innovation and ingenuity in designing the go-kart. Heichal looks forward to future model upgrades and continued nachas.

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