April 16, 2024
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April 16, 2024
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Spotlight on Friendship Circle

In continuation of our enthusiastic endorsement of the many chesed organizations in our communities, this week we are happy to introduce the very important work being done by the Friendship Circle.

When and how did the Friendship Circle begin?

It began in late 2003 in Bergen County when we realized the great need for families with children who had disabilities.

Please describe what services Friendship Circle provides.

Programming for children and teens with special needs and their families, including at home respite programming, Hebrew school, social events, holiday programs and winter and summer camps.

Who is eligible?

All children who have special needs and their families.

Are the services anonymous?

Depending upon the needs of the family.

Examples of various ways that we offer assistance to our clients:

We try to fill in the holes where empty stretches of time are especially difficult for families. Whereas most children in a family will find friends or things to do during a school break, the child with special needs and his family have far greater challenges. We provide winter camp during school breaks, as well as camp prior to school, beginning at the end of the summer. This is especially useful for families following the yeshiva vacation schedule.

We are also happy to help children with any diagnosis, including those who are high-functioning and are being mainstreamed into the system but struggling with socialization.

What volunteer opportunities does Friendship Circle have available for members of the community?

We encourage teens from seventh grade and up to join our volunteer crew. Options could be weekly, monthly or only for an occasional event.

What other services should the community be aware of?

We offer “night out” activities for moms, dads and siblings. Recently we began a group encouraging grandparents to attend and share their concerns about their lives with grandchildren with special needs and how to best support their children.

For all contact information for the Friendship Circle, contact [email protected] or 201 926 5333

After many years of service to the Montreal community, Nina Glick now lives in Bergenfeld.


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