June 13, 2024
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June 13, 2024
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Spotlight on Willie Hochman

Willie Hochman knows a good organization when he sees it.

He spent a number of years working on Wall Street, for Standard & Poors, and when he left that role 15 years ago, he searched for a new opportunity that would engage his business skills and passion for the Jewish community. He found the opportunity he was seeking in the Joel Paul Group—an executive search firm with broad experience in the Jewish communal field, which has helped nonprofit organizations, agencies and academic institutions to identify qualified professionals to advance their mission and goals. Since becoming the chief executive officer of the Joel Paul Group 11 years ago, the organization has grown in stature and in placements, serving clients like OpenDoor Media, the Jewish Agency for Israel, the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty and OHEL.

Additionally, Willie is an active leader in his hometown of Fair Lawn, where he and his family have lived for 38 years. He served as president of his shul, Congregation Shomrei Torah, and on the board of the SINAI school. He was also part of an initiative launched a decade or more ago to bring more young couples to town.

Willie has been involved with The Jewish Link before its inception, when Moshe Kinderlehrer approached him to discuss an idea he had for a community newspaper that better served the needs of observant Jewish families in the region (Willie advised him to pursue the dream). Willie has encouraged the shuls, yeshivot and Jewish businesses in Fair Lawn to embrace and advertise in the newspaper.

Do you read the paper every week?

I read the paper religiously. And if it’s not delivered to my driveway, I will call Moshe and let him know the delivery is delayed; then I’ll go get a copy, either at Food Showcase or Mashu Mashu Sushi.

What are your favorite sections of the paper?

I first turn to the real estate section and look for the ad from Links Residential; my daughter Nina Eizikovitz is a realtor with that group. I enjoy seeing what homes they have listed and the asking prices.

I then glance at the letters to the editor, to see which conversations are taking place. I’ll admit to a personal stake in this section too, as I’ve written a few letters to the editor myself over the years (perhaps 10 or more).

After that, I start from the front of the paper and work my way to the back.

What does the paper mean to you?

On a personal level, it’s wonderful to see the varied contributors and articles on our Modern Orthodox world. The breadth of coverage and the diversity it reveals are refreshing.

On a business level, I often tear out articles that are relevant to the Joel Paul Group. Learning the latest news about many non-profit organizations is very useful to us in our work.

Has the paper made a difference in your life?

Yes. It has helped us in our business and it has broadened my perspective personally.

By Harry Glazer


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