May 24, 2024
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May 24, 2024
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Spring Fashion ’24 Is About Colorful, Comfortable Elegance

Multi-colored tiered maxi dress at Carly’z Craze.

Women’s fashion this spring would look at home in the paintings of French impressionists. Long and flowing dresses in ethereal pastels or crisp white are as ubiquitous as flowers in Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny. Maxi skirts in every imaginable style of florals and geometric prints are paired with solid tops. Black and white are combined in new patterns. And for those who really want to be noticed, there are bright, bold patterns and rich solid colors. Even if we work at home, we are dressing to be seen, whether it’s on Zoom calls, in the office, with friends at casual get-togethers or going all out at elegant smachot.

A blue print maxi dress and cardigan from Carly’z Craze.

Two trends are obvious when you walk into Carly’z Craze in Teaneck. Colorful florals and prints take center stage but casual denim is a supporting player. “Delicious” is how Alene Brodsky Bloom refers to a beautiful collection by Israeli designer Daniella Faye. The deceptively simple dress styles come in a wide variety of prints that move and sway with the wearer. YAL is showing their usual array of lightweight sweaters in ombre, tie dye and patterns. They have expanded their selection to include skirt-and-top sets as well as many dresses. Floral maxi dresses and skirts have tiers for a flowing look. You will also see many multicolor pleated maxi skirts. Ruched details are trending and can be seen on skirts, dresses and tops. Satin and silky fabrics are big, said Brodsky-Bloom, pointing out puff-sleeved tops with smocked waists, slip dresses and slip skirts in prints and bold satin colors. Button-down shirtwaist dresses are popular this spring, in casual and dressy styles. Animal prints are here to stay—zebra, snakeskin, leopard and cheetah.

Blue-and-white print on a skirt or dress for girls at Carly’z Craze.

There’s a whole range of denim skirts from A-line to pencil and everything in between. Light or dark blue denim is just the start; there’s washed-out black, even green. Denim dresses are also showing in different styles, including fit-and-flare and button-down shirtwaist. Lengths are long but vary from midi to maxi.

A customer in the dress she chose at Flair.

Girls’ clothing mirrors women’s styles with beautiful print and floral dresses, sets, and mix-and-match skirts and tops. Denim skirts and dresses are also popular for girls. The category line can be blurred. Petite women can wear the bigger teen sizes, and older teens like the women’s midi skirts in small sizes, which are maxi skirts for them. Long denim skirts are popular camp items for girls.

Carly’z Craze has casual jewelry for everyday wear. Stackable bracelets are very popular, said merchandise manager Jodi Mead—the more the merrier. Bows as a design are very big this season, on clothing and jewelry. Mead modeled a bow design on a ring and pointed out the design in several jewelry pieces. Need a casual handbag? The hobo style is very big this season, in fabric or soft, creamy faux leather.

Bridal gown by Miri Couture.

Flair has a large collection of dresses, skirts and tops for Shabbat, Yom Tov and smachot. Naomi Muschel, manager of Flair at Brook Haven Mall in Passaic, took me through the store and pointed out examples of fashion trends. “Long isn’t going anywhere; it’s definitely here to stay,” she said. “It’s easy, it’s tznius, and you don’t have to wear tights with it.” There is an explosion of color. “Everything is floral or patterns—very bold.” Muschel pointed out a rust-colored belted dress that had a lighter embossed design. “Even with a solid, you’ll have floral on it,” she noted.

Peach print gown at Flair.

Many of the dresses can be worn either loose and flowing, or with a matching fabric belt. She showed some of her favorites in a variety of colors. Greens and blues are in—and they’re together in one belted, pleated dress. There’s a ruched dress with hot pink flowers on a white background and a green print with fitted top and flared bottom.

Orange-peach-coral print shows up in several styles, from Shabbat dresses to a gown. There are several styles with neutrals from white to beige, many with lace for a touch of elegance. Muschel pointed out a shirtdress with a tiered bottom in dusty pink, another popular color. Many dresses are tiered from waist to ankle, fit-and-flare or button-down. Match a sleeveless floral dress with a cropped cardigan sweater.

Multi-color gown at Flair.

Floral skirts with voluminous tiers or tapered bottoms can be paired with solid tops. Many of the skirts have broad waistbands to make tucking in all or just the front of a top easy. Choose a dressy blouse or soft knit sweater. Even Flair’s T-shirts are a step above, in soft solids or understated stripes that can be worn with any skirt. Small touches like a little edge around the collar make it more than a T-shirt.

Flair has a selection of styles for older girls. The skirt-and-cardigan look is adorable. A denim dress is another tween and teen favorite.

Take the fabric and style up a notch and you’ve moved from maxi dress to a gown for a simcha. Flair has styles in delicate white lace, voluminous prints or always-in-style black, white or navy.

Denim dress for teens at Flair.

Miri Uhrbach is the eponymous founder of Miri Couture, with stores in Englewood, Lakewood Brooklyn, Cedarhurst, Jerusalem, Ramat Gan and London. Uhrbach is known for designing elegant, classy simcha wear. She shared her approach to designing for spring ’24 in a phone interview.

“There’s a lot of lightness in the collection,” Uhrbach said. “People are tired of dark and heavy; that mood is out. People want joy. Flowers and colors are very in. Pinks, corals, lavender, bright green—all those colors are in. Beading is always beautiful for evening wear.” Uhrbach also likes white for spring—you don’t have to be the bride to wear white, she advised.

Uhrbach loves fabrics from Italy and France, and makes many of her own fabrics. “There aren’t many who do what I do,” she said. “I try to give a couture dress at an affordable price.” Miri 2.0 is a line of sweaters and skirts for those times when you want to feel a little more special—the kind of outfit you’d wear on a date if you’re single or for a night out at a nice restaurant with your husband.

Uhrbach also designs bridal gowns for Miri Couture. This year, she sees brides wanting to go all out on their wedding day, with gowns made from one-of-a-kind laces with a train, and cathedral veils.

The weather may still be a little cool, but spring fashions are in full bloom. Shop now for the best selection.

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