November 29, 2023
November 29, 2023

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Strategic Fundraising Group Can Optimize Your Fundraising Goals

Norman Gildin has dedicated his career to fundraising for non-profit organizations. Working with groups of all sizes and levels of recognition, Gildin’s fundraising, which spans more than three decades, has raised over $92 million. His company, Strategic Fundraising Group (SFG), was established five years ago with the mission to provide help to non-profit organizations that don’t have the resources for fundraising efforts.

SFG is guided by four major fundraising categories: annual campaigns, capital gift giving, planned giving and endowment development. Each category is accompanied by a multitude of fundraising needs, all of which are handled from start to finish by SFG. Gildin offers clients a complete fundraising package including a strategic plan and the tools to create and successfully implement programs that will generate funds. “The growth of non-profit organizations in the United States has grown dramatically. A few years back there were roughly 1.6 million non-profit organizations in the U.S. and that number has only risen,” commented Gildin. “Consequently, there is tremendous competition for fundraising dollars,” he added.

While many organizations both large and small attempt to fundraise in-house, sometimes, outsourcing or enlisting support from a group like SFG will pay back immeasurably. “We live in times when expectations are high to achieve successful fundraising results. But, sometimes a development operation doesn’t have the resources necessary to get the job done. Manpower assets may be limited, or the workload is so overwhelming that additional support is essential. The work required may also extend beyond the expertise of an in-house operation,” articulated Gildin. SFG will devise a plan that comprises everything from the basics to the more detailed angles necessary to raise funds. They help clients with programming necessities that include brochures, videos, mail campaigns, web campaigns and social media awareness. They also hone in on the advantages of major gift giving and endowments.

Gildin also believes it is important to think outside of the box. While the traditional models of fundraising certainly can work, there are new opportunities on the horizon that can offer a greater return on the dollar, a priority Gildin feels should be a focal point of the strategy. Many organizations will spend significant time and effort organizing a fundraising event and at best break even. Gildin strives to maximize the dollar and not only yield a large revenue, but also earn protection for the future of the organization. He is not suggesting eliminating dinners or conventions that many organizations host annually as a major fundraising campaign. Rather, he proposes enhancing these events with newer ideas that can in turn increase the level of funds earned. Often organizations will host events that are labor intensive and show a poor return on the investment. Gildin explained that at times, a major gift can accomplish a lot more than a gala event.

There are many fundraising companies out there, so why choose Strategic Fundraising Group? Gildin explains that it is cost effective to work with his company. “We are a cost-conscious corporation that understands the sensitivity of donors. There are a lot of worthwhile non-profit organizations calling for financial assistance on a very regular basis. It is important that donors feel secure when they gift funds to an organization,” explained Gildin. Therefore, he believes when selecting a fundraising group, it is wise to make sure they understand the value of donations offered.

In the last few years, Gildin was presented an opportunity to work with American Friends of Migdal Ohr, an organization very close to his heart. There he strategically implemented a fundraising system that secured a 4.0 rating with Charity Navigator, an American independent charity watchdog organization that evaluates charitable organizations in the United States. During his three years at Migdal Ohr, Gildin successfully raised $17 million for the organization. Previously, during his tenure at OHEL Children’s Home & Family Services, his leadership resulted in more than $30 million raised toward the annual campaign. These are just a few of the many examples of tremendous fundraising growth Gildin has brought to non-profit organizations who have applied his strategies.

For those involved in a non-profit organization, it is evident that fundraising is probably one of the more challenging yet critical tasks to master. As mentioned earlier, the non-profit arena has grown significantly and everyone knows someone connected to a meaningful organization. With assistance from SFG, your non-profit can potentially elevate its earnings to a much greater level. For more information please visit or call 917-923-8573.

By Andrea Nissel


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