July 20, 2024
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July 20, 2024
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Success Is Not Just for ‘Them’

Are you like Sara?

Sara is a healthcare professional who has been struggling to build her practice. We scheduled time together to coach her through her “stuckness” and propel her forward.

After some brainstorming, we settled on an approach where she would nurture relationships with other professionals in her area who operate in concentric circles and start asking for referrals.

We set specific, measurable goals that Sara felt were both motivating and achievable.

By the time we were done, she was so happy with her results, she sent me this lovely testimonial:

“Working with Dr. Hoff was great. We formed solid, manageable goals with a clear path of execution. He gave great advice and is easy to work with. It was an amazing experience overall!”

How about Moshe?

Moshe is a fitness coach for frum men. When we spoke, he shared how he wished that his schedule was much fuller. He wanted to increase his revenue as well as his impact. He knew that he could be helping many more people but was having difficulty getting people to know about him and his bespoke services.

We strategized on how to better “infiltrate” his target market and speak about what he does in ways that the men he wishes to serve would come running to him, not the opposite way around.

After we finished our work together, Moshe had this to say: “I had a great coaching call with Naphtali. He helped me clarify both the direction to take my business as well as action steps for me to achieve my career goals. Highly recommended!”

You may be thinking that only a few people are able to achieve these results.

That Sara and Moshe got lucky or that they were easily able to pinpoint their growth areas.

That what worked for them wouldn’t work for you.

That somehow, they’re special.

The truth is that almost everyone I work with has a built-in set of excuses for why they think they won’t be able to set goals and take the actions needed to change their lives.

They tell me things like:

  • “Setting goals sounds great, but where do I even begin?”
  • “I’m drowning in tasks, but I don’t know which ones will actually get me somewhere.”
  • “I wish I could channel my motivation into something productive.”
  • “I wish I could get my act together; it’s like I’m stuck in a rut.”
  • “I have so many ideas, but turning them into goals feels like an impossible puzzle.”
  • “It’s like I’m treading water, always busy but never really moving forward.”
  • “I’m like a ship without a compass, just drifting aimlessly.”

But then we start to work together, and they recognize that goal-setting works for everyone who is willing to commit to the process.

I’ve been blessed to help so many of my clients from different backgrounds and situations move forward that I am convinced that I can help you, too.

In fact, I’m so sure that I’m willing to fully guarantee it.

That’s why I created The Success Roadmap.

This interactive program will help people just like you…

  • Craft a clear, compelling vision of your future.
  • Develop a Success Mindset.
  • Set actionable, measurable goals.
  • Get more focused on the right work.
  • And much more!
  • By registering for the Roadmap to Success, you will receive:
  • Personalized Coaching: We are dedicated to your success, providing guidance, motivation and support every step of the way.
  • Practical Strategies: We offer actionable tools and techniques that you can apply immediately to set and achieve your goals.
  • Community Support: Join a network of like-minded individuals on the same journey. Share experiences, celebrate victories, and overcome challenges together.

Don’t wait another day to take control of your destiny.

Join The Success Roadmap and embark on your own transformational journey.

Success is not a destination; it’s a journey, and it begins with setting the right goals.

By the end of the Success Roadmap, you’ll not only have the tools and knowledge to set and achieve your goals but also the confidence and determination to pursue your dreams relentlessly.

I really hope you’ll join us.

Learn more about The Success Roadmap and register at ImpactfulCoaching.com/Success.

Naphtali Hoff, PsyD, is an executive coach and president of Impactful Coaching and Consulting (ImpactfulCoaching.com). He can be reached at 212.470.6139 or at [email protected].

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