July 17, 2024
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July 17, 2024
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Summer Fun Is Always in Fashion

Summer is so close we can almost taste the ice pops. Whether kids are going to sleepaway camp, day camp or staycationing, there are lists of supplies needed and shopping to get done. Luckily, Sarabeth Fein and her staff at The Purple Bow gathered many necessities and treats together to send everyone off on their summer plans fully stocked, and fashionably accessorized.

As mentioned in the previous Fashion Link, tie dye is all the rage and children’s camp fashion is no exception. Look for accessories, laundry bags, pillows and blankets in this fun and trendy color combination.

Every summer schedule includes swim time, so make sure your campers are fully prepared for that. Plush absorbent towels in bright colors are both practical and fashionable. For those eyes sensitive to chlorine, goggles are a must, but have you seen the options for goggles? Blinged-out goggles and funny animal shapes have become a summer basic bestseller at The Purple Bow. Of course, everyone needs a bag for carrying their gear, and metallic puffer duffel bags are quite useful and popular (so popular that if you want one and don’t have one yet, you should probably go and get one before they sell out again). Sleep sacks in soft, plush fleece come in designs for both boys and girls and make a cozy addition to camp bedding or lounging gear, and fun, themed plush pillows that double as game boards are also being snatched up for camp. These pillows can be used as sports-themed tic tac toe boards or velcro dart boards in doughnut or camo prints, and they even carry large pillows that come with smaller plush toys inside.

The Purple Bow stays on top of trends across the camp grapevine, so they know that many camps no longer allow parents to send food or large packages. What’s a parent to do? Rest assured, Fein has gathered tons of small, popular gifts that fit into an envelope for lots of camp fun sent all the way from home. She offered suggestions for anyone looking to send a kid a camp care package that meets all the guidelines.

“Many full-size games come in travel sizes, and some games are even small and portable to begin with,” said Fein.

They carry games like Q-Bitz Rummy and Ramen Fury, as well as many different categories of Top Trumps. In the theme of “what’s old is new again,” Chinese jump ropes are back in style and in stock at The Purple Bow.

“It’s the newest thing that kids think is new but isn’t, and now it’s called Super Fingerstrings,” said Fein with a laugh.

In addition, Thinking Putty continues to be a best seller as they come out with new kinds each summer. Glitter, glow-in-the-dark or scented, Thinking Putty is a camp favorite and is just the right size to send. Responding to popular demand, The Purple Bow started carrying Fort Nite trading cards.

“Kids and parents have been asking for these and waiting. They’re going to go fast,” Fein said. Nothing’s easier to slip into a small envelope than a pack of trading cards.

At The Purple Bow, even first aid is stylish and fun with a selection of adorably decorated bandages that go beyond character prints. Pizza prints, unicorn prints, ninas and llamas are just some of the fun patterns kids (and adults) can wear on their injuries. And they can be packed in any of the multitude of fun-shaped purses sold there, too.

Remember those old flashlights where the light was nice and bright for the first five minutes and faded into a yellow tinge soon after? With the advances in technology with LED bulbs, you can get a strong, bright light without draining the battery instantly. Lanterns are a great addition for night activities and bedside reading.

“Flashlights are passé,” said Fein. “Now kids like lanterns and nightlights.” The Purple Bow even has a collection of nightlights in different shapes that kids can stick behind their beds for a little extra glow when they want to read at night.

As you pack for camp, look for ways to mix a little of a personalized touch into your child’s belongings and find the patterns that they feel best represent their interests. There are many options out there to make their space their own.

Happy camping!

By Jenny Gans


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