November 24, 2023
November 24, 2023

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Supporting Our Educators

As I read the commentary article entitled “I’m a Rebbe, and I Can’t Afford to be a Jewish Educator” (March 9, 2023)) in last week’s Link, I thought of the upcoming yom tov and the related costs and expenses. It also brought to mind an experience I had in yeshiva in Boro Park and the lasting impression it made on me. Every year around Pesach time, there would be a knock on the door of my classroom and one of my friend’s grandfathers would give the rebbe an envelope while wishing him a good yom tov. The rebbe would take the envelope, break into a big smile, say thank you and then continue teaching. As I got older I understood that the grandparent, who was in a position to share the brachot that Hashem gave him with others, was ensuring that those who were entrusted with the chinuch of his grandchildren could enjoy yom tov with a little less stress and a little more enjoyment. As we all head into the celebration of Pesach, let us all take the time to recognize and appreciate, in whatever way we can, those to whom we entrust our www.children/grandchildren  and those who have dedicated their careers to educate and nurture our most prized possessions.

Yechiel Rotblat
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