May 27, 2024
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May 27, 2024
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Susan Nadritch Joins the Wayfind Team

Wayfind, a career consulting business whose mission is to empower young adults with the clarity and confidence to make smart career choices, is pleased to welcome Susan Nadritch as its newest team member. Nadritch, a former talent acquisition executive with Vitech Systems Group, has more than 20 years of experience in corporate recruitment. She is excited to offer young adults strategies and tools that can help define a clear path toward a rewarding and successful future.

Wayfind was founded by Adele Dubin and Natasha Srulowitz who recognized a strong need in the Orthodox community to help young adults, many of whom are returning from a gap year in Israel, determine the next steps of their career journey.

“I am excited to join the talented Wayfind team in helping the next generation of professionals determine the right career choice for them and how they can be both successful and happy,” Nadritch said. Developing a plan is a tactical way to provide the clarity that many people require to move ahead.

Wayfind’s process starts with data driven assessments that reveal each client’s unique strengths and qualifications. According to Nadritch, these assessments help identify what an individual is looking for and what careers might best suit him/her. Using the client’s strengths as the foundation, a Wayfind career adviser, together with the client, blends in other influencing factors such as interests and goals to determine which career path is best suited for him/her.

The goal is for all clients to understand themselves better and to have a deep understanding about the choice of occupations so they can make wise, informed career decisions. They then create a roadmap to make it a reality.

Nadritch is approaching this new position from multiple angles. She is an expert in the field, and her two decades recruiting for companies is an accomplishment she described as both challenging and fulfilling. As a mother, she is vested in the success of the next generation of professionals, which include her children and their peers, and in their understanding of the importance of creating a viable community,.

“Not only are we providing highly customized career guidance, at Wayfind you get a mother’s love,” she said.

Once the client has determined his/her path, Nadritch’s aim is to help him/her develop his/her narrative. This, she believes, is the core of what is necessary to create a successful profile.

“Your narrative is your personal story,” she said. “It portrays who you are and what you do, how you qualify and quantify.”

These are essential points of reference that most recruiters are searching for when meeting job candidates. When recruiting, every candidate you meet has the potential to make an impact on a firm in multiple ways. It is important to determine what that impact can be quickly and correctly.

There is a lot of inhibition among young adults returning from Israel or even in their first year of college. While Nadritch knows it is common to be timid, she can’t stress enough to them the importance of developing their voice. She recalled valuable advice she received early on in her career which has stuck with her to date: Remove the dangling question mark from your statement. The hesitation is normal she said, but growing your confidence and ultimately your voice is paramount.

“Aim to put an exclamation point at the end of the sentence,” she said.

Why is the narrative such an important part of the process? According to Nadritch, how you convey your story will inform others what you are all about. Nadritch uses scenarios to describe the importance of one’s narrative. For example, a waitress at a restaurant can describe her role as someone who serves food. Alternatively, she can describe her daily routine, including how she interacts with customers and personal favorites about the eatery. The details change the story and certainly leave the listener with a greater understanding of who she is, what she does and how she does it.

“The way in which you articulate your responsibilities conveys both your thought process and work style,” Nadritch said.

Nadritch identifies with three core principles: Own your experience, be confident in who you are and listen and learn from everyone you meet.

“As a recruiter I had the rare opportunity to listen and learn from a multitude of people; different countries, states, cities,” she said. “Every experience leaves an impression. Pay attention. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities that you have in a global economy to learn from individuals from all over the world. These experiences help you develop your narrative and perspective. These ‘lessons’ will make an impact on your outlook and critical thinking as you move forward in your career.”

Wayfind offers one-on-one services as well as group workshops. The company is currently in the process of launching a three-part workshop to be held in Teaneck on Friday mornings. The workshop will focus on resume writing, interview skills and networking. Participants will be entitled to a headshot after completing the three sessions.

Wayfind also works with clients who are mid-career, transitioning from one area to another or mothers returning to work after a hiatus and possibly into a new industry. No matter the age, Nadritch gives each client 150% of her attention.

“The Jewish mother in me kicks in and I make sure each client gets it,” she said.

Nadritch lives in Teaneck with her husband and three sons and is an active member of the community, volunteering her time for organizations including Emunah of America and The Friendship Circle. She is the co-founder of The Frisch School’s Work Study program for high school seniors.

To learn more about Wayfind please visit

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