September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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TABC Stuns at New Jersey Math League Competition

TABC achieved an astounding victory at the third meet of the New Jersey Math League last week. Seven students received a perfect score of six: Shalom Gottesman, Moshe Davis, Eli Dickman, Andrew Haberman, Hillel Koslowe, Yehuda Koslowe and Daniel Zolty. With these perfect scores, TABC tied for first place in the state for the third meet. The cumulative score resulted in the team moving from third to second place of thirty five schools in Bergen County overall, only one point below the two first place schools. TABC continues to hold the position of first place of all Yeshivas in the metropolitan area.

The following students obtained impressive scores of five: Noam Annenberg, Netanel Arussy, Jared Benjamin, A. J. Book, Orrin Kigner, Yair Knoller, Matan Leff, Yosef Muller, David Rabinovich, Jeremy Rosenblatt, Eitan Schneier, Noam Weider and Yaakov Kagel.

The achievements of the members of the TABC Math League brought honor to TABC.

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