September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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TABC Track Wins First Place

(TABC Sports) The TABC track team emerged triumphant at the Yeshiva League championships on Sunday, May 21, securing first place in the boys’ category. Competing at the Teaneck High School track against Ramaz, SAR, Frisch, Flatbush, Kuschner, DRS and GOA, the Storm runners showcased their exceptional talent and dedication. Gilad Jutkowitz claimed first place in the 800m run with a time of two minutes and 20.7 seconds. Eytan Kirschenbaum finished in first place in the mile race with a time of five minutes and 25.7 seconds followed by Gilad who came in second place, finishing 6.6 seconds later. Ezra Alter came in second place in both the 100m and 200m dash with times of 12.2 and 25.3 seconds, respectively. Avishai Jutkowitz, the team captain and Aryeh Simon came in third place in the 200m (25.5 seconds) and 400m (1:02.8 seconds) events, respectively. Amichai Dresdner came in fifth in the 200m dash. Avishai also came in fourth in the 100m and Eytan and Avishai came in fourth and fifth, respectively in the 400m. Closing out the meet, the TABC relay team consisting of Amichai, Eric Sorkin, Eitan Book and Aryeh finished in third place at the 4X100m relay race with a time of 57.2 seconds. Overall, it was a great championship meet with beautiful weather and TABC was able to bring home the gold hardware for the eighth consecutive season (excluding two canceled seasons due to covid).

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