June 20, 2024
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June 20, 2024
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Tap Into the Power of Aloe Vera

(Courtesy of Forever Living) Have you ever left a pot of cholent sitting out for a few days? Not a pleasant experience! Well, that’s exactly what our digestive system looks like. When you mix flour and water together, you get glue. So, too, when you eat too much pita, pasta, white flour, starches, junk food, preservatives, food coloring, chemicals, unhealthy oils … and mix that with your digestive juices, it creates a sticky glue-like substance which settles itself on the intestinal walls and stops the villi from absorbing nutrients. Like a towel, if you pour glue over it, it will not absorb. Over the years, this coating gets thicker and thicker. As a result, the digestive process takes two to three times longer than it should. As long as there’s food in the digestive system, it secretes acids to break down the food. The longer the food remains in our digestive system at body temperature, the more acids and toxins are secreted and are spread to our bloodstream. When this happens the entire body gets unbalanced.

Here’s where aloe vera comes into the picture: Aloe vera contains “saponins,” a natural soap that gently removes the toxins that have accumulated in our digestive tract. This in effect improves nutrient absorption, speeds up the digestive process, strengthens the immune system and stabilizes the entire body, as our blood is absorbing fewer toxins and becomes more balanced—by balancing our sugar levels, hormones and cholesterol. In other words, aloe vera deals with the source of many health issues. In fact, studies show that 90% of health problems—physical and emotional—today can be traced to our intestines.

Aloe vera is one of the most studied plants! It was used for centuries by the Rambam, Chinese medicine, Egyptians and Indians … It’s a multivitamin, containing 12 different vitamins, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, dietary fiber, enzymatic complexes and more. It was discovered that it has 200 components similar to our blood plasma and therefore gets easily absorbed into our bloodstream. It is a carrier for all other materials and penetrates all seven layers of the skin and restores it from within.

What are the challenges in processing aloe vera? 1) Once cut off from the plant, it takes four hours to complete oxidation and becomes totally inactive, losing its amazing health benefits. 2) There is a substance between the leaf and inner gel called “aloin,” which is a laxative and could be harmful to the human body.

How do we solve these issues? This is where Forever Living Products comes in. Forever Living, established over 40 years ago, has got the solution. 1) We have a special pasteurization process that keeps the gel active for four years. 2) We use gel only from the center of the leaf, which is healthy to ingest. Forever Living, aka The Aloe Vera Company, is the only company in the world with two U.S. patents for these processes. What’s in the tube is exactly what’s in the leaf!

What do other companies do? Either they dry the whole leaf and grind it into a powder, which makes it totally inactive (it’s just great as a marketing perspective) or they grind the leaf and filter what’s left through an activated charcoal filter, which comes out transparent and oxidizes over time.

Our products use 100% stabilized aloe vera gel from the center of the leaf, and aloe vera is the main basis of our products.

Forever Living Products are approved by the Ministry of Health worldwide and are kosher certified by KL and KSA.

So what are some of our over 90 products?

Aloe Vera Gel – a drink made up of 99.7% inner leaf aloe vera, is good for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, chronic runny nose, vitamin absorption, diabetes, fungus, acne, allergies, reflux, pinworms and much more.

Aloe Berry Nectar – is good for liver, kidneys, urinary system and reducing urinary tract infections.

Forever Freedom – is good for joint problems, slipped disk, arthritis, osteoarthritis, shoulder, wrist and knee inflammation, sports injury, and a top seller for athletes.

C9 – a world-renowned nine-day cleansing program that’s a jumpstart to weight loss, provides more energy, refreshes the digestive system while providing the nutrients needed, and helps start good eating and exercise habits. It has gotten rave reviews by whoever has tried it.

We’ve got many nutritional supplements, weight management, personal care products, top-of-the-line skin care series and more.

Find out how you can Look Better and Feel Better, as our motto goes. Contact Leah at 551-556-0253 for any questions or to place an order, and save this number to your contacts for future reference.

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