December 11, 2023
December 11, 2023

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Teaneck Junior Soccer League Fall Season Ends With Denmark as 10U Victors

Teaneck’s fall recreation soccer league (TJSL) came to a close with Denmark victorious in the 10U division.  The team’s roster, mostly 3rd and 4th grade boys from a spectrum of local day schools, included:   Avi Baron, Yair Benharush, Isaiah Chung, Matty Dreifus, Aiden Einhorn, Joseph Mann, Ari Mazin, Stephan Nayowitz, Noah Sebbag, Jake Stahl, Joey Zelig, and Ben Zimm.

To improve their skills and learn to work together, Denmark alternated between weekly coach’s practice and a professional training practice offered by FASTrack.   Games were played at Votee Park every Sunday from September until November, with the finals played at Sagamore.

Mentored by highly experienced soccer coach Shamir Einhorn, as well as seasoned assistant coach Josh Zelig, Denmark had a triumphant first place 7-1 (21 points) record during the regular 10U fall season  followed by an equally strong finish in the playoffs, where eight teams competed.   In the quarter finals, Denmark beat India, 3-1, and came out ahead over Scotland, 3-0, in the semis.    Denmark then faced Brazil in the finals.

Against Brazil, the offense was led by Aiden Einhorn who put two in the net.    Joey Zelig and Jake Stahl, both key contributors throughout the season and the playoffs, each added a goal to bring in the team’s four goals.  But the game still required a group effort including impenetrable defense, targeted corner kicks, and a couple of assists by Joseph Mann. Great midfield play by Dreifus and offensive pressure from Nayowitz helped the effort.    To keep Brazil from scoring and complete the shutout, Denmark benefited from starting defenders Zimm and Benharush as well as stellar overall play on both ends of the field from Baron, Chung, and Sebbag.  Finally, superior goal tending by Mazin and Stahl, who stopped a point-blank penalty shot, allowed the team to go out on a high with a 4-0 victory.

In addition to the championship, Denmark had another reason to celebrate as their leading scorer, Aiden Einhorn, turned 10 on Sunday.    Aviva and Shamir Einhorn brought the birthday party to the field right after Denmark’s final victory.  Special thanks to team mom Monique Chung for her organization and support as well as all the parents, family members and friends who came to cheer on Denmark.

By Howie Teitelman

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