June 15, 2024
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June 15, 2024
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Teaneck’s Own ‘Wigs by Shira:’ Pure Hair Happiness

When Shira Golomb first started selling wigs in her mother’s living room in Teaneck just nine years ago, she had no idea what would lie ahead. The 29-year-old mother of three, who currently resides in Pomona, has been blown away by how much her wig business has grown.

Appropriately named “Wigs by Shira,” her business includes both a beautiful storefront with a broad selection of full wigs and falls, as well as a travelling “Wig Tour” where she brings her quality pieces to communities across the country. Golomb, a Teaneck native, also manages her own social media accounts, and her popular @stylewigsbyshira Instagram page has broken 18,000 followers.

Becoming a wig designer and stylist isn’t something that just fell into Golomb’s lap. “I always liked the idea of working in business,” she said. “I always liked people, and I always liked fashion and the beauty industry.” Working in the wig industry was something that really spoke to her. Before starting her own business, she worked for someone else in a different community, but felt that there was a need she could fill right in her hometown of Teaneck. She explained that she was blessed to have several “great mentors” to whom she can turn and receive guidance and expertise.

It’s clear that Golomb has a keen sense for bridging gaps in the wig business. When she first started selling wigs out of her mom’s house, she began to pick up on a widespread trend—that women were willing to spend less on a wig to be able to afford buying new wigs more frequently. That’s when she debuted her own brand of wigs, catering to customers looking for something at a lower price point, but who don’t want to compromise on quality.

“There are some wigs on the market that are in a similar price range, but the quality just doesn’t compare,” she said. “I’m involved hands-on with our wig production: from choosing the hair to perfecting the construction, to working with the production team. I oversee everything from start to finish.”

To sell her line of branded wigs and falls, Golomb launched the “Wig Tour,” where she travelled from city to city to help the local women find something that works for them. “People were absolutely loving it,” she explained.

Business really began picking up, and she needed a place to call her own. The growth prompted her to open up her brick-and-mortar store in Teaneck about two and a half years ago.

Her arrival at the Teaneck storefront was a deliberate decision. She wanted a centralized location for the community (without being in the center of everything) to offer her customers a sense of privacy when they come in to try on wigs. She pondered whether to make her store high-end, with a luxe white marble finish, but in the end she settled on something more fun and welcoming. The space, which is covered in colorful hues and trendy accents, is a reflection of Golomb’s personality: “I wanted happy, bright, and of course, Instagram-able.”

But it’s not just the aesthetically pleasing space or the affordable quality wigs that sets Wigs by Shira apart from other wig retailers. She prides herself on her personalized customer service and her willingness to help each and every client who walks through her doors.

“It isn’t about the sale for me. It’s about making the customer happy with their purchase.” Golomb explained that oftentimes customers are not necessarily knowledgeable about the best choice for them. She tries her best to not only help customers choose the right wig, but also understand why they might need something specific—and then find it. “To me, it’s about being honest and educating my clients. If I don’t have something that will be the best fit for what my client is looking for, I will guide them and let them know where and what to purchase for their specific needs.”

Golomb described her mission to “make people happy with the wigs that they buy,” even if those wigs aren’t purchased from her. That’s why Wigs by Shira will service wigs from other stores and brands. She offers wash and sets, cuts and colors to anyone who needs them regardless of where the wigs were originally acquired, which is a big part of the business. In addition to her own brand, Wigs by Shira also sells many other popular brands on the market.

And even during COVID, when the store was completely shut, Golomb went out of her way to satisfy her clientele, despite major challenges. She described being inundated with messages on Instagram from brides who were searching for wigs when most stores were closed. “We did what we had to do,” she explained, offering virtual consultations and online sales. All in all, her response during the pandemic has been a reflection of Golomb’s ability to adapt her business to an ever-shifting industry, which is continuously affected by outside factors, including changes to labor costs and hair supply.

“Whether for religious or medical reasons, or just for style, I want to work with everyone who covers their hair and help them on their journey,” she said. “It’s my personal mission.”

Wigs by Shira is located at 154 West Englewood Avenue and is open Monday through Wednesday, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Follow Shira on Instagram at @stylewigsbyshira to keep up with the newest arrivals, and for “Wig Tour” dates and locations, make sure to check out @the.wig.tour.

By Channa Fischer


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