July 22, 2024
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July 22, 2024
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Ten Ways Your Real Estate Agent Is Like Your Mother

  1. She makes you clean your room.

When selling your home, the overall first impression is most important to prospective buyers. Don’t be surprised if your agent reminds you to tidy up before showings, make your bed, and not stuff your dirty laundry in the closet like you did when you were a teenager.

  1. She takes your calls late at night.

No matter your age, clients are like agents’ babies and their nurturing instincts kick in when she sees a call come in late at night. She will most likely ask you if everything is OK before you even have a chance to speak.

  1. She worries about you when you don’t respond to her many calls, texts and emails.

You can’t hide from your Mom OR your real estate agent! Remember when you went away to college or worked a late night job, and your mom always wanted you to check in with a quick phone call from time to time? Remember how she’d think the worst when a day would pass after you didn’t return her call and she was seconds away from calling hospitals to make sure you weren’t there? Your agent is wired the same way, so just communicate to prevent any possible panic attacks, ok?

  1. She teaches you how to save your money, set a budget and help you stick to it.

Your mom taught you the value of a dollar when she paid you allowance, and an extra fifty cents to take out the garbage was an exciting bonus! She probably also helped you budget and explained taxes and savings when you started working a real job. You’re an adult now, so your mom probably doesn’t want to be seen as a nuisance meddling with your personal finances… but your agent doesn’t mind!

Your agent wants you to know all the costs associated with any home sale or purchase, and has your best interests in mind. When you want to see homes $50K out of your budget, she’ll reel you back into reality and coach you along the way to find a home you will love—and that you can afford.

  1. She makes you do your homework.

Yes, you have homework when you’re buying a home. You’ll want to drive by any homes that interest you. You’ll want to survey the neighborhood, the convenience to schools, shopping and your workplace, and the overall curb appeal. Just like your mom reminded you to study before an exam, your agent will remind you that online photos don’t show everything and you should really check out the area first.

  1. She’s a good listener.

Your mom always has time for you and will listen to you whine, complain, and share fears and excitement; she’s always there for you when you need an ear. Your agent is too, and the more you share with her, the better she will understand what you want and need, whether it’s selling or buying a home. Both mom and agent always want the best for you.

  1. You drive her to drink.

Why do you think your mom always had her favorite coffee mug that wasn’t full of coffee, and a nice wine collection on display with no dust on the bottles? Or why she brought a thermos to all of your Little League games in the heat of summer? Your agent has the same mug, same wine collection, and same thermos with your name written all over ‘em. Although both have your best interests at heart, there are times that you can be quite a challenge.

  1. She drives you around and does not ask for gas money.

Mothers log hundreds of miles on their cars driving to and from baseball practice, dance lessons and competitions, after-school functions, summer camp, and to and from the doctor every time you had an ear infection or strep throat. Agents log even more miles, and they enjoy it because it allows quality time to discuss your home-buying wants and needs, hopes and dreams, and occasionally a chance to rock out together when a good jam comes on the radio.

  1. She gives you tough love.

Mom kissed your boo-boos, and it broke her heart if you got hurt. But she didn’t hesitate to smack the back of your head if you did something stupid. She would hug you tight and smother you with kisses one minute, and the next be chasing you with a fly-swatter threatening to spank you when you acted up. Agents are the same way (minus the fly swatters), because they will tell you what you need to hear, and not always what you want to hear.

They’ll break bad news and console you when you didn’t get the house. They’ll also give you the figurative head-smack when you need to focus and stop making stupid decisions like buying a new car a week after getting pre-approved for a loan. Or putting off seeing a home that would’ve been perfect for you (and finding out the next day it had sold). Or not doing your homework and wasting an hour of time driving to a house that backs up to a power plant with the county jail next door. Just listen and do everything your agent advises, and all should be hunky dory.

  1. She’s both happy and sad when you move on, but ultimately is proud to see you pursue your dreams and to have been part of the journey.

Moms go through “empty nest syndrome” when you leave home, and they cry and cry and miss you more than you can imagine when you’re gone. They know they’ll see you again, and they beam with pride when you leave for college. Or buy your first home. Or get married and move out. But they’re also so sad inside because they know you’re all grown up now and don’t need them as much anymore.

Real estate agents go through this too. After spending weeks or months with a client, bonding with them, creating memories, and sharing in their joy of buying or selling a home, all the phone calls and meetings end when the home closes and they’re no longer needed.

The best thing you can do to make each of them feel better is this:

Call your mom and remind her you love her, and send your agent referrals to remind her she was awesome!


Courtesy of Lightersideofrealestate.com, Reprinted with permission from LinkNJ.com

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