December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Tenafly Chabad Academy Focuses on Scientific Method

Tenafly Chabad Academy’s enthusiastic group of fourth graders recently embarked on an engaging journey into the world of scientific discovery right within their classroom. With a hands-on approach, they delved into the scientific method, a process that lays the foundation for rigorous scientific investigation. Through a series of well-structured activities, students explored the essence of inquiry-based learning, encouraging curiosity and critical thinking.

To begin their scientific exploration, the students started by making keen observations, honing their skills to notice intricate details in the world around them. Next came the phase of questioning, where these budding scientists posed inquiries that piqued their interest.They naturally gravitated towards formulating hypotheses, which served as educated guesses that guided their subsequent experiments.

The highlight of their scientific journey was the “runaway pepper experiment” that captivated the class’s imagination. In this experiment, the students tested various types of soaps to explore how they interacted with the surface tension of water. The excitement was palpable as they carefully poured water into a shallow dish, sprinkled pepper on its surface, and then added drops of different soaps. They observed the pepper “running away” from the soap.

The young scientists then meticulously recorded their findings, documenting the effects of soap on the pepper. They measured, noted and compared results, gaining valuable insights into the principles of cause and effect. They then analyzed their data, discussed their findings, and drew meaningful insights and conclusions from the experiment.

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