December 11, 2023
December 11, 2023

Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

I received many calls and emails from our family and friends who read the article about the important Chanukah event at the Turkish House in New York City (“Turkish Consulate in NY Hosts First-Ever Menorah Lighting Celebration,”December 29, 2022).

As a regular reader of your newspaper, I want to thank you and the writers for their well-done professional coverage, which captured every detail of this special holiday celebration. Ellie Wolf and Harry Glazer did a superb job in their writing, and I want to thank The Jewish Link for publishing this news article.

The name Chanukah means “an opening ceremony of sanctification” because service to God in the Jerusalem Temple began that day. The generic meaning of sanctification is “the state of functioning.”

May this be the beginning of a new era of a peacefully functioning world.

Shabbat Shalom.
Tommy Gelb
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