November 29, 2023
November 29, 2023

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In today’s times, networking is one of the most crucial aspects in making connections, introductions and learning of potential opportunities in new business settings. A conversation at a family gathering, a chance meeting with someone at a park or connecting with someone on social media can provide a lead that would have otherwise never occurred. And while these initial connections are essential for a future possibility, just as essential is the thank you that needs to be followed afterwards.

Whether the networking led you to an immediate business opportunity or not, showing appreciation to the initial connector goes a long way. And regardless of the relationship you have with this contact, a thank you note is appropriate and necessary. Even if your contact is your brother, cousin or peer, it is important to thank them for their time and for allowing you in their circle of influence. Your contact knows you on a personal level. They are probably more familiar with you from a social setting, from shul or family gathering. Sending a contact a formal note will portray you as a professional who values another person’s time and will provide them with an example of your excellent communication and follow-up skills. The note indicates your professionalism and encourages them to continue their help in connecting you to others who may be of help to you.

While many realize the importance of saying thank you, writing thank you notes are often neglected. So with that being said, now is a great time to show gratitude. During an active job search, it is recommended to set a goal of sending out five to ten thank you notes a week.

For job seekers and business development professionals, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a prime time to connect with and expand your network. The timing presents a genuine opportunity to speak to and email professionals, as it’s known that the rate of response is higher. People are generally more apt to provide help when asked during this time of year. It also happens to be the last quarter of 2020, a time when companies are looking to begin recruiting and interviewing for a January start. I think we are ready and excited for a strong and positive start to 2021.

Project Ezrah is always available for help with resumes, providing search strategies and any guidance necessary to make connections for future business opportunities. For samples of thank you notes or any question regarding your job search, please feel free to email Jeff Mendelson at [email protected].

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