April 23, 2024
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April 23, 2024
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The Drink Up Jewish Link Sportstar of the Week: Jacob Fineman

The Jewish Link and Drink Up would like to recognize 12-year-old Jacob Fineman as this week’s Sportstar of the Week. The seventh grader at the Yavneh Academy is an all around athlete who displayed his versatility last summer at Camp Shalom. When asked about Jacob, Yavneh’s coach Bill Callise told The Jewish Link, “I have had Jacob Fineman as a physical education student for many years at Yavneh Academy. He is a skilled athlete and enthusiastic to play multiple sports in class. He is a good and a kind person.”

Jacob, yasher koach on this award. Who is your role model and why?

Paul Goldschmidt because he always inspired me in many different ways. First, he always is modest about his accomplishments and a real team leader for the Arizona Diamondbacks. I also play first base like him.

What is your favorite sport?

Baseball is my favorite sport. I have been playing baseball my whole life and enjoy the fact that it is a team sport. We win as a team and lose as a team and form great friendships on the field.

What is your greatest sports accomplishment?

My first hit in baseball.

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

Paul Goldschmit because of his stats and modesty.

What is your pregame routine?

1. Stretch
2. Throw
3. Field in the infield
4. Batting practice

What is your earliest sports memory?

Receiving my first participating medal for Teaneck Southern T-ball.

What is your favorite sports memory?

Last year my brother Ian and I were on the same rec team, the Teaneck Southern Bandits, and we won the season championship game.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not playing sports?

Drawing and art.

What is the best thing about being a Sportstar?

That I can have fun whenever and wherever I go.

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