April 16, 2024
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April 16, 2024
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In “Star Trek 3, The Search For Spock,” Captain Kirk battles an evil Klingon who has killed Kirk’s son. In a climactic scene, Kirk successfully overpowers the evil Klingon who manages to grab onto the edge of a cliff, dangling for dear life. Kirk, in an act of unmitigated benevolence, takes the high road and extends his hand in order to save him. Incredibly, rather than save his own life, the Klingon opts to grab for Kirk’s heel, attempting to pull him down into the abyss. At this point, Kirk is done, and realizing that this Klingon is irreparably evil, angrily kicks him to his death.

If anyone had any doubts, we are at war with Klingon terrorists that exemplify pure evil. It’s tough to think in those terms, but then again, we didn’t commit those unspeakable gruesome acts. To those on the left, who thought accommodating Jew-haters with more land, money and concessions would work, well, the only thing it succeeded in was causing a lot of death. If you even think of saying a word about exercising restraint or creating any type of moral equivalency, please don’t.

History has shown us when God tells us to eradicate something, we should listen to Him. When Shaul did not destroy the women and children of Amalek, in every generation another enemy of the Jews, including Haman, was born.

And again, we didn’t learn. An act of kindness in the name of “land for peace” uprooted around 8,000 settlers from Gush Katif and gave these homes to terrorists. It almost destroyed the entire Jewish people.

Around four years ago, Eyel Waldman was featured on a CBS exclusive for successfully integrating and employing Palestinians from Gaza, and for a while, it seemed his idea was a success. That was until his 24-year-old daughter was murdered in last week’s brutal attack. The devil simply took off his mask.

Friends, we are a people of the book who respect humanity. The second president of the United States, John Adams, wrote of the Jews “that have done more to civilize men than any other nation.” This civility that distinguishes us for all other nations that Adams speaks of, emanates from the Torah. Hashem charges us to lead a life of goodness and justice but He also wants us to identify Amalek and destroy it. There is no coexisting alongside evil.

It’s so hard for the human mind, especially the civilized one, to grasp the thinking of someone who hates you simply because you exist. Hitler wanted Jewish babies because they were Jews. Evil incarnate.

My 25-year-old daughter said to me, “Dad, perhaps there can be a way to reason with them. What precisely do they want?”

My wife often quotes a scene in the film “Independence Day” when the president confronts one of the aliens trying to destroy the world. “Let us negotiate a truce and find a way to exist. Can there a peace between us?” The alien response? “No peace.” Desperate, the president pointedly asks him, “What do you want us to do?” The aliens pauses, and eerily and cold heartedly, says “Die.”

From this moment on, the president’s objective becomes abundantly clear: destroy the enemy.

At this point, any person who remotely equates, or even judges Israel negatively, is either ignorant or a blatant antisemite (not mutually exclusive.) As Martin Luther King aptly put it, there’s no anti-Zionism without antisemitism.

Our last resort is war, but when you are dealing with an enemy who wants to kill you for no other reason other than you exist, well, they shall have a war. But they will fail. They always do. Because this is a war between good and evil. And yes, although it gets a little sluggish at times, and there’s a lot of pain, in the end, good always prevails.

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal recently wrote, “There is no cause on earth that justifies what these murderers did. Spare me ‘This is the inevitable result, when a people are long abused.’ No, this is what happens when savages hold the day. They imperil the very idea of civilization. They killed a grandmother and uploaded pictures of her corpse to her Facebook page. This wasn’t soldiers morally brutalized by war, who, in a frenzy, butchered people. Butchering people was the aim, it was what they said I had to do. This wasn’t cruelty as an offshoot. It was cruelty as an intention.”

I remember when they expelled everyone from Gaza in 2005. While many knew that this was going to be a colossal failure, I remember some people saying how they might build up infrastructure with education and hospitals. The reasoning was if they have more to lose, they would avoid conflict. At the time, my wife Adina said, “There is no reasoning with a monster whose sole purpose is your destruction. Case closed.”

A recent documentary on the Middle East exposes the amount of concessions Israel has made over the past 18 years in order to achieve peace, to the point where we literally ignored thousands of rockets being lobbed into our own backyards. No other country would allow this madness to fester for years on end.

Meir Kahane once said about American Jews, “They are a kindhearted, good people by nature and as such, it is very difficult for them to believe that other people wish to destroy them.”

Last week’s attack reiterated what we always knew: there is no dialogue with the devil. In “Independence Day,” the president who battled the alien finally saw the face of evil, and in time, Captain Kirk saw it in the Klingon. Last week, the world saw it as well as the line between good and evil was reaffirmed.

May Hashem grant us a quick victory soon over our enemies and protect our soldiers and brothers and sisters in Israel. Am Yisrael Chai.

Avi Ciment lives in Florida. He lectures throughout the world and has just finished his second book, “Real Questions Real Answers.” He can be reached at www.avitalks.com.

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