May 19, 2024
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May 19, 2024
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The Five Worst Times to Be Your Own Photographer

BPT—Sometimes taking your own photos can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s also the surest way to ruin a once-in-a-lifetime moment. The amateur treatment isn’t going to be good enough for truly special events like a wedding, family reunion or your newborn’s first portraits.

“Unfortunately, technology has made it easier than ever for anyone to take pictures and get pretty good results, so it’s understandable that some people think they might never need the services of a professional photographer,” says Michael Timmons, president of Professional Photographers of America. “But when it’s time to remember life’s really important events, a professional is sure to be prepared and equipped to capture the moment in a unique, memorable and touching way.”

Here are five times when you just don’t want to risk messing up your photos:

1. Your wedding

Having a relative or friend take your wedding pictures may seem like a great way to cut corners on your big day’s overall budget – until you learn that he or she shot the whole wedding and reception out of focus! While amateurs can take good photos every now and then, your wedding is no time to gamble. Professional photographers bring peace of mind and quality because they have the technical skills, artistry and experience to get a great shot every time. What’s more, they have all the equipment they need, backup equipment in case the first set malfunctions, backup plans if a location becomes unusable, and liability insurance if something goes wrong. To see a video of recent newlyweds discussing the role photography played in their weddings, visit

2. Your newborn’s first portraits

“The challenges (of newborn portraits) are quite specific,” says renowned newborn photographer Anne Geddes. “It requires incredible reserves of energy and focus, particularly with the very young ones. Very special considerations need to be in place. The less handling the better is a good rule and I always have a creative plan in place for the image before the baby arrives at the studio. It goes without saying that the studio environment should be hygienic and comfortable… and temperature control is also essential.”

Geddes, who has created some of the most iconic and widely recognized newborn portraits, adds, “It’s imperative parents do their research in order to find a professional photographer whose portfolio they admire, and meet beforehand. The best images are ones that you can look at for a long, long time.” To see a video of families talking about how a professional photographer captured their families’ unique personalities, visit www.

3. A milestone wedding anniversary

If grandma and grandpa make it to their 50th wedding anniversary, they deserve the professional treatment. Anniversary portraits will be as much a gift for them as for their family. Taking portraits of active seniors requires a special touch. A milestone anniversary is a celebration of a couple’s successful marriage, and photos of their special day should capture the strength and beauty of their commitment. Older folks may not be used to having their picture taken, and a professional photographer will be able to suggest poses and settings least tiring for seniors who may have health or mobility issues, choose the most flattering lighting and bring an element of creativity.

4. Your teen’s senior portraits

High school senior portraits are a chance to preserve a moment in time that will never come again – your child’s official transition from student to adult. The best senior portraits capture the essence of who the young subject is at that point in time, and professional photographers know how to incorporate your child’s interests and personality to create memorable images. For more insight into how a professional can help capture a high school senior’s personality, visit

5. The big family reunion

Photographing a large group of people – the size group you typically find at a family reunion – can be a challenge, and an amateur photographer may leave someone out or fail to capture facial expressions that depict the warmth and happiness of the moment. A professional photographer will know how to manage a large group of people, get candid images that capture the spirit of the reunion, control the light and space, and take group shots that everyone will want to frame.

You can find PPA photographers in your area at Before you choose a photographer for your special occasion, make sure you visit their website to view portfolios, read client testimonials and get a better sense of the photographer’s personality.

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