May 27, 2024
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May 27, 2024
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The Humble Toast Sportstar of the Week: Livy Zwillinger

The Jewish Link and The Humble Toast would like to recognize Livy Zwillinger as this week’s Sportstar of the Week. The rising eighth grader at the Ramaz middle school was a key contributor to the first ever Ramaz middle school girls hockey championship. When asked about Livy, Rabbi Chaim Hagler, assistant head of Ramaz middle school told The Jewish Link, “Livy is a lot of fun to be around. She has a bubbly personality. As a seventh grader this past year, she was a driving force of the team’s march to the championship.”

Ramaz middle school athletic director and girls hockey coach Brian Kaplan told The Jewish Link, “Livy is a rising eighth grader and an exceptional hockey player, consistently showcasing her skills on the court. Outside of Ramaz, she plays completive ice hockey. Her determination, skill and strategic thinking make her a valuable asset to any team. She played every position this past season and did whatever we needed for us to win. She’s a great student athlete and looking forward to her final year in middle school.”

Livy, congrats on the championship and on being recognized as this week’s Sportstar of the Week! Who is your role model and why?

Someone I look up to as a role model is Amanda Kessel. Amanda Kessel plays on the USA Olympic ice hockey team. I was lucky enough to meet her and found her to be inspiring and a great role model. Her hard work and success have inspired me to work hard to improve as a hockey player.

What is your favorite sport?

My favorite sport is ice hockey.

What is your pregame routine?

I do not have a pregame routine—I just like to play.

What is your greatest sports accomplishment?

My greatest hockey accomplishments are playing on a AAA ice hockey team last season and this spring I am playing on a team with 16-year-olds, while I am only a 12-year-old.

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

My favorite sports player is Adam Fox, he is my favorite as he is Jewish player that plays on my favorite NHL team, the New York Rangers.

What is your earliest sports memory?

My earliest hockey memory is when I was younger and I used to play at the outdoor rink in Central Park for the Ice Cats.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not playing sports?

When I am not practicing or playing hockey, I love spending time with my friends and family, especially my 4-year old brother Jakey.

What is your favorite sports memory?

My favorite sports memory from playing hockey is shooting and scoring a key goal for my team, from the red line last year. All of my friends jumped on me to celebrate. I have made many new friends and went to many exciting new places while playing hockey.

What is the best thing about being a Sportstar?

I was happy to play and represent my school and win the floor hockey championship.

The Humble Toast Sportstar of the week will receive a $25 gift card to The Humble Toast. Please send nominees for an upcoming The Humble Toast Jewish Link Sportstar the Week to [email protected].

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