December 3, 2023
December 3, 2023

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The Jewish Link Allows Us to Remain Vigilant in Addressing Anti-Semitism

It is heartening to see The Jewish Link addressing the increasing anti-Semitism today, locally, regionally and globally. From Mahwah to Rutgers to UN votes to Jerusalem, you voice your concerns. This is a necessity because the battle against anti-Semitism is an all-out war which must continuously be fought. Jews have always been singled out for punishment or as scapegoats, because of their religious beliefs.

In biblical times it was Amalek, Romans and Greeks.

In the Middle Ages it was Crusaders and Inquisition.

In more modern times it was pogroms and Holocaust.

In the post-Holocaust period, and after the establishment of the state of Israel, it was hoped that the hatred would be over. Unfortunately, the persecutions resumed, this time under the impetus of the Arabs/Muslims, and the concurrence of the rest of the world.

In the Middle East every Arab/Muslim entity cleansed all Jews from their midst.

In Israel there was constant war and violence: the War for Independence, Six Day War, Yom Kippur War, Gaza wars, Lebanon wars, terrorism, intifadas, Sbarro.

In Europe it was the Entebbe hijack, Munich, French massacres, the BDS movement, violence accompanying mass Muslim immigration and constant UN anti-Israel votes.

The United States was the best haven for Jews in modern times, but even here it was not always consistent or unequivocal. Younger Jews do not remember what we old-timers do: job discrimination, university quotas, immigration quotas and housing restrictions. But Jews succeeded and prospered, by hard work and determination, not handouts.

Which brings us back to the present. Jews again are under relentless attack on many fronts, at home, in Israel and elsewhere. We must continuously fight to prevail, and I think that The Jewish Link is an excellent vehicle to both inform its readers as to what is happening, and to urge them to take appropriate action to counteract them.

Max Wisotsky

Highland Park


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