April 18, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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The Shabbat Inc. Gives Us ‘The Shabbaton’ The World Has Been Waiting For

The most spectacular attraction is about to hit the Vegas Strip and it has nothing to do with gambling, Cirque Du Soleil, or even a celebrity residency.

Straight out of the brand new Resorts World Hotel, the most expensive resort ever built in Las Vegas, Aryeh Rifkin, founder and president of The Shabbat Inc., a religious nonprofit, is bringing us “The Permanent Shabbaton” and it promises to be the most uplifting experience the City of Lights has ever seen.

The whole concept of The Permanent Shabbaton, “the most beautiful pillar of our mission,” as Rifkin explains it, comes from the notion that the “Cosmic Shabbat” will occur in the year 6000. The Shabbat Inc. wants to help usher in that special Shabbat even earlier, to reveal Hashem’s Godliness and accompanied by a thousand years of peace.

As a 501(c)(3), The Shabbat Inc. is driven by its “mission” to bring Jews together from all over the world, Rifkin said. “We do not measure our success in profit but rather in how strong our connection is to each other.

“The majority of us have experienced wonderful shabbatonim … I see all the Vegas lights, venue space, amazing restaurants and … using the infrastructure that’s already here, we can truly provide a shabbaton-themed resort.”

With plans to host Jews from all walks of life for shabbatonim and holidays, Rifkin has made arrangements with Resorts World Hotel to provide the most luxurious accommodations, five-star cuisine with the highest level of kashrut certification, and first-class entertainment—all in an environment that is sensitive to the needs of a shomer Shabbat clientele.

Rifkin added that The Permanent Shabbaton will solve quite a few challenges for the thousands of Jews visiting Las Vegas every week, whether for work or pleasure. Since shuls and kosher restaurants are so far away from the Strip, the Las Vegas Jewish community, which happens to be one of the fastest-growing in the world, will now be able to accommodate huge simchas and supply the resources and necessities that their Jewish visitors require when traveling outside their communities.

The Shabbat Inc.’s “shabbaton” will commence with a no-holds barred 12-day Pesach program extravaganza. It will mark the first time that a Pesach program will actually be held on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and will feature a Haggadah show, concerts and comedy shows from top-tier Jewish entertainers, world-class spa treatments, private pools and a musical Havdalah that will stay with guests a lifetime. Rifkin also arranged for incredible nature excursions, and this is just the beginning.

An experienced CEO, Rifkin performed a thorough search of 55 hotels to find the perfect venue for this exquisite experience. Able to project the right vision for the magnitude and reach of this project, he established a relationship with Resorts World Hotels where he was able to negotiate a whole host of changes and amenities required for this monumental endeavor.

In fact, until now, it was never logistically possible to do a Pesach program, or even any Shabbat programs on the Las Vegas Strip for a few reasons. First, the distance between the rooms and event space was too far away from each other, making for an unpleasant stay. Guests would have to walk through casinos on Shabbat and Yom Tov and pass other sights that were inappropriate or immodest. Kitchens are usually shared with other events going on at these hotels so kashering was always problematic as well.

“To make it happen I had to really negotiate all this,” Rifkin said. To get one of the top resorts in the world to agree to provide certified Shabbat elevators—something that has never been done before in Las Vegas—was no easy feat. But for the entrepreneur, it was all in a day’s work. He was also able to get Resorts World Hotel to agree to change out all the motion-sensor automated plumbing fixtures in the public restrooms in order to accommodate the shomer Shabbat clientele.

He then worked out a way that would allow guests to walk right from their rooms and go straight to the ballrooms and event spaces, bypassing any sights that could be an issue. Of course, Rifkin negotiated to get permanent kitchen space ensuring that not only that the entire kitchen will belong exclusively to The Shabbat Inc. for the entire 12-day Pesach program, but also year round.

If that wasn’t enough, construction is also underway on a massive 20,000-square-foot kids indoor activity center that will provide endless fun for children of all ages.

“I think what we’re doing here is extraordinarily special … there’s a tremendous story here. We’re bringing some of the most qualified and experienced people in Jewish entertainment from around the world, and this is not small stuff.” He’s proud to be able to fuse the high-level quality of entertainment for which Las Vegas is known with The Shabbaton’s luxury accommodations and top-notch cuisine.

The Shabbat Inc. is also excited to partner with a worldwide network of shadchanim, setting the stage for the perfect and neutral meeting ground for singles. Rifkin added that one of the best ways to make a shidduch is by meeting someone outside one’s community or through family. “We offer a wonderful meeting platform and venue, exposing family and community leaders from around the world to singles that may be right for someone in their respective communities. Imagine two singles communicating and are interested in meeting. They can come to Las Vegas, have their own rooms, eat delicious food and attend modest, appropriate high-quality events. If they aren’t meant for each other, they still will have enjoyed an amazing weekend. Las Vegas ”

Rifkin is attracting some of the top staff members in the world to help manage this beautiful opportunity for the Jewish community in Las Vegas, and for Jews around the world who are coming there anyway for one reason or another, to have these options.

For more information or to register to experience this epic Pesach visit www.theshabbat.org  or contact Michal Taviv-Margolese at 310-406-5437.

As an added incentive, 40% of the cost is tax deductible, and sponsorships are also available to help subsidize the costs for those who might otherwise not be able to attend.

By Jewish Link Staff

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