September 21, 2023
September 21, 2023

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The ‘Shag’ and Other Hair Trends for Fall 2020

I want to thank my readers and clients for their tremendous outpouring of support from my last article, “A Call to Unite and Strengthen All Women.” It took me time to build up the strength and courage to write it. The second I submitted it, I had a moment of fear and regret of putting myself out there in a way I never had done before. But the moment Yom Tov ended the texts and messages came pouring in. Women from all over reached out to me as to how inspired they were, how they related so much to the article and how validated they felt. From the bottom of my heart I really want to thank each one of you who reached out to me and shared with me how meaningful my article made your Yom Tov. I want to give you all a bracha that we remain inspired throughout the year, and may we come together and truly support each other and lift each other up throughout the many challenges we will be facing this year.

We tend to associate the arrival of Sukkot with the beginning of fall. And although 2020 has been the most unpredictable year, there are certain things you can still count on this season. Like clockwork, a new season always comes with women’s irresistible desire to switch up their hairstyle. Hairdressers have been very busy correcting the many home haircuts gone wrong and have thus created a “modern version of the ’70s shag.” The “shag” will be fall’s hottest new hair look! The cut works well both on short and long hair. This multi-layered haircut is trendy, looks effortlessly glamorous, and is so easy to maintain. It’s a mixture of a feathered cut around the face with lots of choppy layers on top to add volume. To keep this style looking great day to day, you simply need to spray with any salt spray to add back the natural texture. If you want to try this look on a wig, I would suggest taking an older wig and revamping it with this new trendy cut. Be sure to add in some updated color and highlights to accentuate the layering and give it a modern pop. Once this cut is done on a wig it’s impossible to reverse it, so dig into your pile of old wigs and have fun!

Short layers is another upcoming trend. It is a great way to enhance natural curls and waves both on hair and sheitals. When cutting a wig, shorter layers on curly or wavy hair will allow the owner to maintain a better style of the wig in between wash and sets. On straighter hair wigs, be careful with this cut. Avoid going too short with the layering, or you will end up “that wiggy look.”

Pixies and buzz cuts have become a totally effortless way to manage one’s hair during quarantine. I can guarantee that this trend will definitely not carry over to wigs this year! However, I have had several clients that got fed up with their hair during quarantine, went scissor happy and cut a pixie-short cut. If you decide to try this, keep in mind your sheitals will probably not fit the same and will need to be adjusted and taken in. Also, when wearing a wig with very short hair, especially around the ears, it makes it difficult for the hairs to blend in well with a wig, and often you see one’s short hairs sticking out around the ear. If you are compelled to try this style, I would suggest you leave the front of your hair a bit longer.

One-length cuts are very in this season because there is virtually no maintenance required, and it is easy to style. This look was extremely popular on wigs even before COVID started. The name “one length” is a bit deceiving when it comes to cutting wigs in this style. Wigs that are truly cut with one length, will look drabby and heavy and not hold a style. To cut a wig with a one-length look, you actually need to cut the wig with internal layers, and use different techniques of texturizing the hair, so that the wig hair has movement and isn’t overly thick and heavy. The majority of my client’s cuts before Yom Tov were correcting previously cut one-length cuts that were cut incorrectly, leaving them too bulky.

The quarantine hair struggle with anyone with bangs has been real. It’s no longer realistic to be able to get an appointment each time one’s bangs need to be trimmed. Therefore, this season you will be seeing a lot of longer-style bangs that grow out gracefully. Longer bangs are ideal for sheital wearers. They make the front of wigs look very natural with little effort. Keeping them on the longer side allows for more diversity in styling the wig in so many different ways, so that you are not locked in to just one style. I recommend a long curtain bang, which can be blown out in several different ways. Using a big round brush will give a more finished look or leave it air dried with its natural texture for a more casual look.

Chin length bobs look great whether they are worn curly, wavy or sleek. With fall comes higher necklines on clothes; the shorter hair compliments that style and gives one a chic look. This look, when grown out a few inches is also an extremely complimentary look on almost everyone.

The lob, just like the bob, is still going strong for Fall 2020. This clavicle-length cut is extremely versatile and a great option for anyone who does not want to go too short. It is so classic and frames almost every face shape perfectly. The key to this cut is in it’s simplicity. Stick with mostly blunt ends, and add just a few layers if you would like more volume. Its a classic take on the sharp bob, without losing too much length. Its a great option for those who are ready for a change but not quite ready to go to a jaw-length style. Hair this length styled with bed head waves and lived-in texture, is extremely popular and easy to maintain.

Since March, we’ve had to adapt nearly every aspect of our lives to a new reality. The ways we work, socialize, shop, daven and handle learning for our children have all had to change. Home grooming and haircutting have not been excluded from the many changes COVID-19 has forced on us. The haircutting industry had to adapt as well, and thus fall’s 2020 hairstyles and current trends have become the result.

For the few months that salons had to close, many had to make due with at-home dyes and haircuts. With times being so uncertain, many fear salons being shut down again. The major question you should be asking your stylist now is what to do with one’s hair/wig now, so that it will continue to look good if one has to go extended time without access to a hair or wig stylist. Stylists are becoming really creative with their consults and are helping clients to come up with several low-maintenance cuts and styles that will suit both their clients’ need to look good and be practical with their ew reality.

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairstylist/cosmetologist and certified wig maker. She is available for consults and can be reached via text at 201-694-5319.

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