June 15, 2024
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June 15, 2024
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The Suit Lady Now Has a Retail Store in Teaneck

Naomi Klinger holds a garment bag she created with hidden pockets to store accessories in front of a large display case of ties.

Naomi Klinger opened the door of The Suit Lady at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 1 and customers started flowing in for the first time. It took just minutes for the new store to be in full swing. Men were trying on suits and picking out ties. Women were placing orders for their husbands and sons. While they shopped, many were congratulating Klinger and chatting like old friends.

Which they were. The store is brand new but The Suit Lady has been in business for 25 years.

The secret to the Suit Lady’s success is Klinger’s uncanny ability to make a quality product at a good price, combined with an intuitive analysis of how to choose the perfect suit for each customer. “We are known to be great fitters. We look at you and know your suit size,” said Klinger. “Men often buy the first suit we select for them. They’re in and out in 10 minutes.” The only alternation most customers need is a hem on the pants.

A suit jacket with a matching tie.

Men’s clothing is literally in Klinger’s DNA. Her family manufactures suits sold to top name department stores. Growing up she absorbed the knowledge of what goes into a quality suit and how to assess the right fit. Although she started her working life in a fast-paced entertainment and travel company, she gave it up when she began her family and transitioned into the clothing business. Friends began asking if she could get suits for them from her family’s company. “I thought, ‘I think I have something here,’” she recalled. She connected with a personal shopper who introduced her to clients. After her kids were asleep at night, she began bringing suits to customers.

Although she enjoyed being home during the day and getting out at night, her growing popularity made the demands of the business too time consuming. She changed her approach and had the customers come to her. Her basement became a dual play area and suit store. People

A Suit Lady employee helps Helene Shoenfeld choose stretch pants.

began recognizing her on the street, saying, “There’s the suit lady!” Klinger registered and trademarked the name. When her kids got older, Klinger ventured beyond the basement and opened retail stores in Cedarhurst, New York, Los Angeles, and Neptune, New Jersey, run by well trained managers. Now that her kids are older, she opened the store in Teaneck and moved out of the basement completely.

Klinger makes all the suits, pants and most of the ties at The Suit Lady. She keeps up with fashion and follows well-known designers like Tom Ford. She has patterns made that she tweaks according to what’s trending — suit jackets that are longer or shorter; peak lapels or notch lapels; patch pockets or hidden pockets. She uses the finest wool fabrics from Italy. Sometimes she flies there to pick fabric or she has swatches sent to her. She has good relationships with all her suppliers from the fabric manufacturers to the factories she uses with the most skilled stitchers.

The Suit Lady has tuxedos and bow ties.

These top-quality suits sell for $329-$369 in sizes 34 short to 54 regulars. She has also

created a garment bag for suits that folds up to briefcase size with hidden compartments that allow you to store other items you need if you’re traveling.

While I visited, people were happily perusing the large section of ties at The Suit Lady. Klinger manufactures ties after reviewing fabric swatches and Pantone color samples. She also carries a curated selection of designer made ties. As a grand opening special, Klinger sent an email to her list offering a free tie to the first 300 shoppers. She is expanding that offer to include the first 100 Jewish Link readers to respond.

Several customers were shopping for The Suit Lady’s stretch pants, now a huge seller. Klinger describes them as Lulu-style, five pocket pants and dressy stretch pants “When COVID hit, people started looking for comfy clothing and we started making these stretch pants,” she said. “People love them. They look like wool dress pants but they’re super comfy and machine washable. They can be worn to shul, work or for walks in the park.” The pants are priced from $49-$64.99 dollars. She’s making a stretch suit that looks exactly like a wool suit except that it is machine washable, wrinkle resistant and foldable into a packet. They will be available in time for Pesach.

A customer shopping for ties.

I was surprised to see women shopping solo in The Suit Lady. Klinger makes it possible by keeping records of customer sizes and preferences. That way women can stop by and order for their sons or husbands. Helene Shoenfeld of Englewood was there to pick up stretch pants for her boys. “They look everywhere and try them on but at the end of the day, they want Naomi’s pants,” she said.

Klinger’s customers love that she does more than sell suits; she sends links to other items she recommends like shoes and shirts. Her personal advice is invaluable for families shopping for a simcha. The Suit Lady sells tuxedos and bow ties but Klinger’s advice goes further. She helps the wedding party choose ties and even has the women bring in their dresses to ensure a good match. She advises on the shirts and accessories.

A wall of suits at The Suit Lady.

Visit the Suit Lady at 1388 Queen Anne Rd, Teaneck and get a free tie if you’re one of the first 100 Jewish Link readers to come in. Follow online at www.instagram.com/thesuitlady, www.facebook.com/thesuitlady and visit www.shopthesuitlady.com.

Bracha Schwartz is special sections editor at The Jewish Link.

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