September 26, 2023
September 26, 2023

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Theatron Hotel and Residences Opens in Jerusalem

By Arnie Draiman

The Theatron Hotel and Residences
(Assaf Pinchuk photography).

There are 17,000 hotel rooms in Jerusalem—more than Tel Aviv or Eilat, and with a higher occupancy rate. Does Jerusalem need any more rooms? Is it similar to opening a falafel stand next to a falafel stand? If your product is better than your competition, then yes, and the Theatron Hotel and MGallery Residences is significantly better than its competitors. The hotel and residences held a grand opening event last week, with more specific details to be announced in the coming weeks.

The shul at the Theatron Hotel and Residences.

The beautifully designed and expertly constructed buildings are across the street from the Jerusalem Theater on Chopin Street and consist of both an exclusive boutique hotel and a series of impressive residential apartments. MGallery at Theatron sits above one of Jerusalem’s many urban forested areas, the Moon Park, filled with a grove of pine trees, which allows for a feeling of being in the countryside, while enjoying an open panoramic view of southern Jerusalem. In addition, beautiful landscaping and cozy sitting areas provide ample opportunities to enjoy nature and relax outdoors.

(Assaf Pinchuk photography)

There are approximately 20 apartments for sale in addition to the 100 hotel rooms. Facilities include an on-site synagogue (donated by the builders Hasid Brothers), pool, gym and spa, and restaurants, with four planned dining options: a main hotel dining room, the lobby cafe and bar, a full dairy restaurant (with a gorgeous outdoor terrace for dining al fresco), and a chef-led meat restaurant.

If you have been to the Jerusalem Theater, then you know that the neighborhood of Talbieh (bordering on the German Colony and Old Katamon) is very quiet, very authentically Jerusalem, with a wide variety of cultural events nearby, as well as shopping, schools and restaurants. The municipality of Jerusalem has begun planning the “Cultural Kilometer,” stretching from the Museum of Islamic Art (at the farther end of Chopin Street), passing in front of the Theatron and on to the First Station, a buzzing hub of cultural events, eateries and entertainment. Along the “Cultural Kilometer” will be quaint sidewalk cafes, bike paths and more.

The name Theatron (pronounced tay-ah-trohn), means “theater” in Hebrew, and was chosen due to its proximity to the Jerusalem Theater. The hotel is planning to display the creations of artists featured in the Jerusalem Theater galleries and from the nearby Hansen Arts and Lifestyle complex, thus creating an authentic connection between local artisans, artists and the Theatron.

Theatron’s intriguing architectural scheme would delight even the most discerning design connoisseur, with its enchanting, geometrically shaped skylights and windows casting playful rays of light and shadows in the common areas, alongside an eclectic use of Jerusalem stone both inside and out, and other complementary materials on the walls and ceilings throughout. Theatron’s ambiance is an exotic interpretation of traditional Jerusalem, infusing conventional Jerusalemite concepts with a modern, luxurious twist.

(Assaf Pinchuk photography)

The Hasid Brothers are internationally acclaimed for their integrity and relentless pursuit of the highest standards in luxury living. The company is family-owned and operated for three generations, and stands behind some of the most prestigious projects in Jerusalem. MGallery at Theatron is the crown jewel of Achim Hasid’s luxury projects, built with scrupulous attention to detail and quality of materials one would expect of such a project. The management of both the hotel and the residences is by the French multinational corporation Accor, which is the largest hospitality company in Europe. Theatron was conceived to cater to the sophisticated guest who appreciates authentic and uniquely crafted artistry.

(Assaf Pinchuk photography)

For those looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of the downtown Jerusalem corridor, the Theatron Hotel is certainly one of the best options available. It is less than a mile away from the Ben Yehuda Midrachov/Pedestrian Mall or the First Station/Emek Refaim area. The hotel allows guests to enjoy Jerusalem more like a resident in one of the most charming, appealing and quiet neighborhoods.

Some additional details include:

*Pricing: similar to the King David, the Waldorf, and the Citadel, room rates vary between $550 – $675 per room, per night, with a two night minimum. During holiday periods, the rate will be approximately $890 per room per night. They are already taking reservations for Sukkot (10 nights). The suites on the top floors have a remarkable panoramic view of southern Jerusalem.

*Kashrut: the hotel is under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate. For Shabbat and Holidays, they are Glatt Mehadrin. During the year on weekdays, the breakfast buffet is 99% mehadrin (a few products are not mehadrin – ask the chef for details). The mashgiach in the hotel is present.

*Events: Any event can be catered Glatt/Mehadrin. The hotel can also host full day events including smaller business conferences – the larger breakfast room, the intimate restaurant, and the 2-3 room suites are all available for conference and meeting rooms.

*Food: The hotel has a full dairy and full meat kitchen. Currently, in addition to the breakfast buffet, they serve light dairy meals in the restaurant. Meat or Dairy meals can be ordered as room service. And by Sukkot, the Chef’s Meat Restaurant will be opened.

The hotel may be contacted at: [email protected]

The residence apartments, for sale, at: [email protected]

(Assaf Pinchuk photography)


Arnie Draiman is a philanthropic consultant helping people and foundations give their tzedaka money away wisely, efficiently and effectively. He is also a very experienced social media and website guru, and enjoys reviewing restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions. He can be reached at [email protected] or

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