June 15, 2024
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June 15, 2024
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Top Five Reasons to Move to Jerusalem

Many of my friends often ask me when I plan on leaving Jerusalem. As my family grows, they assume we’ll move to areas like Raanana or Modiin. But the truth is we have no intention of leaving.

In fact, my family and I love Jerusalem and everything it has to offer. Here are my top five reasons:

Charm and Character

In a world that’s constantly modernizing, Jerusalem manages to maintain its unique charm and character. From the boutiques to the original Arab mandate homes, there’s something special about the city you won’t find anywhere else. Walking through the streets of Baka or the German Colony, you’ll be enchanted by the quaintness and beauty of the area. Even with infrastructure updates and the upcoming light rail, Jerusalem manages to mix the ancient with the modern seamlessly.


Jerusalem is home to some of the most incredible landmarks in the world. The Kotel, or Western Wall, is just a 20-40 minute walk away and provides a spiritual experience that’s hard to match. But it’s not just the religious sites that make Jerusalem special. Emek Refaim Street, for example, is a charming and historic location with bustling coffee shops and a unique vibe. The Machane Yehuda market is another must-visit spot that offers a variety of incredible restaurants, bars and shopping stands.

Feeling at Home

Jerusalem is a hub for Modern Orthodox Anglos and it’s easy to see why. Moving to a new country can be daunting, but with a community already established, the transition is much smoother. Being surrounded by friends and family who live in the area helps make Jerusalem feel like home from the moment you arrive.

Kosher Food

Jerusalem is a paradise for those who are kosher observant. The city boasts an abundance of kosher options, making it a challenge to find non-kosher food. Whether you’re in the mood for street food such as shawarma and sabich or a fine dining experience, Jerusalem offers an incredible variety of choices. From meat to milk and vegan options, you can find it all here.

Interestingly, in other cities across Israel such as in the Mercaz, it can be more difficult to find a vast choice of kosher restaurants. The convenience of being able to walk down a street and have multiple amazing kosher options is truly unique.

Capital of the Jewish World

As the capital of the Jewish world, Jerusalem holds a special place in the hearts of Jews around the globe. Living in the city where generations of Jews have dreamed of returning is a privilege that I don’t take for granted. Even on holidays like Pesach, singing “l’shana haba b’Yerushalayim” takes on a whole new meaning when you’re actually in Jerusalem.


There are many reasons to love Jerusalem. Its charm, landmarks, sense of community, an abundance of kosher food and significance to the Jewish world make it a truly special place.

I have no doubt that my family and I will continue to call Jerusalem home for years to come.

This article is based on the opinions of CapitIL Real Estate CEO and co-founder Ben Levene. Ben Levene is a Jerusalem real estate expert with over 10 years of experience, specializing in helping Anglos purchase real estate in Israel. To start your Israel property search, please contact Ben at +972-53-822-4336 or [email protected]. 

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