December 7, 2023
December 7, 2023

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Transform Your Workout at Retro Fitness of Hackensack

Retro Fitness of Hackensack, a leading exercise facility in Bergen County, offers state-of-the-art equipment, a huge training space and specialty studios. Located in the heart of Hackensack just minutes from Route 4, Retro keeps adding to its already expansive list of services and amenities. With its 4,000-plus membership, clients can partake in a variety of fitness classes, personal training, group training, spin classes and boxing, all under one roof.

There are many fitness centers throughout Bergen County, but few that offer such a wide range of services at such an economical price. “With standard membership starting at $30 a month, we are the best deal in town,” said Esther Bock, director of Fitness and Client Experience. Membership includes unlimited classes, tanning and complimentary childcare. Personal, large group and semi-personal training are also available upon request.

Retro Fitness caters to men and women of all ages and levels of expertise. In addition to a menu of more than 50 classes including Zumba, yoga, Pilates, spin, toning and more, Retro retains premier trainers who work with individual clients, engaging them in a workout regimen that is customized and meets their exercise goals. Retro Hackensack offers specialty programs for both large and small groups, which allow members to exercise in specific areas created for more personalized routines.

The Strong program, designed for small groups of two to four people, offers personal semi-private training using the Myzone heart rate monitor. Myzone is a wireless, wearable heart-rate system that provides real-time feedback on heart rate. The Team program is designed for larger groups ranging in size from five to 15 people and combines weight training, cardio and interval training in a fun, community-style workout.

Esther describes the atmosphere at Retro as welcoming, friendly and inclusive. “People come here to exercise, but most feel a sense of belonging.” When someone is out for a reason that prohibits them from exercise, our gym family makes an effort to reach out, she added. Esther attributes much of Retro’s success to her outstanding management team (Dana Calamita, Alyssa Tapiero and Alex Varelis), coaches, instructors and front desk staff. They are all well trained and share the desire to give their clients the ultimate gym experience.

A veteran in the fitness industry, Esther works with a wide range of clients, young and old, advanced and beginner, and genuinely gets to know each one. She believes developing that personal connection is the gateway to understanding what they are hoping to accomplish with her at Retro. Appreciating that time is valuable and making it to the gym is not always easy for some, Esther works hard to provide clients with a workout that is fun and effective.

Esther’s intoxicating energy and upbeat personality can be felt in class, on the training floor or just around the halls. She and her team make sure each new member feels at home from the start. No challenge is too big or too small; they will happily work with anyone who requests assistance on achieving the goals they set, at the pace they require.

Mindy Turk joined Retro Fitness about a year ago after her local gym closed. Initially, Mindy says, she chose Retro because of its close proximity to her home, but it didn’t take long for her to realize how much more Retro has to offer. “The classes are great and the yoga teachers are exceptional,” said Mindy. “I thought I’d go twice a week and now I go every day! The staff is friendly and welcomes you each morning. I also began some personal training with Esther Bock and she’s fabulous!”

Many of Retro’s members have joined as couples and occasionally work out together, something Esther particularly loves seeing. “It’s a great opportunity to do something together and be productive at the same time,” Esther believes.

Lori and Elliot Linzer have been members for many years and have both experienced excellent results since joining Retro. “The energy is great and there are so many options going on at the same time, all providing a fun and efficient workout,” Lori said. Prior to joining Retro, Lori says she had a boring exercise routine that was hardly motivating. Now she enjoys different types of training and has seen significant improvement in her posture. Her husband has been a member for even longer and he too feels Retro has provided a life-changing experience. Over the years he has become much more fit and exercises a few times a week at minimum.

Suri Kaminetsky, a seasoned fitness instructor who has taught at many facilities over the last four decades, describes Retro as an overall great place to exercise. Teaching high-intensity cardio classes to all ages and levels, Suri says the dynamic at Retro is always upbeat. Through the years, Suri has developed many personal connections to members. “We are like family, always looking forward to meeting up in class and having fun, while at the same time working hard.”

Typically people join a gym for the purpose of exercise. However, ask any gym rat and you are sure to learn that for many the gym represents more than a place to sweat it out. “So many of our members have confided that our gym is their happy place. It’s somewhere to go where there is no judgment and lots of encouragement to help you in whatever you aim to accomplish,” said Dana Beagelman-Calamita, regional manager of Retro Fitness. “The environment is always uplifting, offering the positivity needed to recharge and reset from anything that might be weighing you down.”

To accommodate the Orthodox community, Retro has recently added additional Sunday classes, some of which are for women only. They also offer members kosher protein shakes for a post-workout fix. New members will receive a complimentary fitness assessment and a free in-body screening.

Retro Fitness is located at 100 Commerce Way in Hackensack. Retro is pleased to offer readers of The Jewish Link one month free with the promo code 5780. For more information, please email Esther Bock at [email protected] or call 201-342-0494.

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