April 17, 2024
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April 17, 2024
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Twelve Fashion Picks To Update Your Fall Wardrobe

I’ve had my eye out for clothing and accessories that could work in your wardrobe this fall. See if you can find five options from this list that you’d like to focus on next season.

1. Earth tones. While warm earth tones are what we usually expect to see in fall fashion, they’ve been pretty hard to find in seasons past. This is your chance to stock up on your favorite warm colors. Choose colors like camel, honey beige, rust, brick, olive green, burnished gold, copper and every shade of brown.

2. Consider wearing hats as part of your ensemble this year. Don’t walk past the hat and scarf department without pausing to try on a few styles. Check out bucket hats, fedoras, berets or beanies. A hat is a great finishing piece to your outfit while also being functional in cold weather.

3. Find your favorite plaid color combination. Plaid is in every clothing item plus shoes and handbags. You may favor traditional color combinations; however, it could be fun to choose a traditional clothing item like a blazer and wear it in shades of lavender, fuchsia or purple. You’ll have fun choosing!

4. Speaking of blazers, this could be a number one addition to your wardrobe. A blazer works well over a dress, skirt or pants. It’s that piece that makes any outfit look put together and requires no effort to wear it.

5. If you’ve been transitioning from heels to flats but get discouraged when you want to dress up an outfit, you now have dressy flats to choose from. Discover them in velvet, sequins and even floral prints. You’ll enjoy lots of new options.

6. If layering necklaces aren’t your thing, then you’ll enjoy the simplicity of a chunky chain necklace that gives your outfit the finishing touch it needs. Wear it inside an open blouse or on top of a crewneck sweater. Add it to a dress for instant polish.

7. Sometimes all an outfit needs is a roomy sweater with character. This season’s oversized sweater is relaxed and comfortable to wear. Choose one in a novelty color or stick to a basic neutral shade. You’ll be pulling this on more than you realize.

8. Have you been a longtime fan of slouchy boots? They disappeared for several seasons, but they’re back. They’re offered up in leather, suede, faux snakeskin and more. If it’s been difficult getting boots to fit correctly over your ankle or calf, this boot style is worth trying.

9. Sick of wearing jeans? Everyone needs a break from this staple. Stay away from the jean department, and you’ll discover easy-to-wear pants that offer comfort but still look great. Look at straight-leg pants in solids, checks, plaid or floral prints. Or choose a pant style that’s looser in the thigh if you prefer more ease.

10. Can’t wait to find out about the latest jean style? I know you’re out there! While you may have been enjoying the skinny jean, consider replacing that style with flares or wide-leg, high-rise jeans. The change from skinny to full may take a little adjustment, but it could be your next favorite wardrobe edition.

11. Floral print dresses will be catching your attention. We usually think of floral prints as a spring/summer choice, but designers have been presenting floral prints in winter for the last couple of years. Look for a darker background as the base of the print, like black, navy or brown. That makes it look more fall/winter appropriate.

12. Outerwear is a great thing to look at, as we need to wear it many months out of the year. Are you ready to look chic in a cape? Long, short, basic camel colored or in bright or pastel colors, it truly looks fresh. It won’t be your one and only coat, but you could layer it over your existing coats for a total outerwear refresh.

By Tehillah Harris

Tehillah is a New York City-based image consultant, closet editor and personal shopper and is available for private consultations. Call 929-265-2156 or email [email protected]. Be sure to connect with up2date on social media for more styling tips, event info and other fun things. Find her on Instagram @up2date_nyc or Facebook at up2datenyc. To sign up for her monthly newsletter, visit www.up2date.nyc/subscribe.

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