June 21, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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Unique Gift for Children With ASD This Holiday Season: Their Best Shot at Success

(Courtesy of Circle Care Services) “Taking my child with autism to the supermarket is a nightmare I simply avoid. It’s just not worth it!”

Despite feeling like really good parents, most parents often feel judged, whether by strangers in the community or by their nearest and dearest. (national parent research survey done in 2015)

This is especially true for parents of children with autism and other special needs.

Dressing, feeding and nurturing a child with ASD is a daily juggle. Attempts to also work, shop, cook and clean will present unique challenges that are downright overwhelming.

Onlookers stare, comment under their breath or dole out unsolicited advice, while parents forge ahead in silence.

Finding support in this difficult situation is essential.

Parents who are well supported are better equipped to provide a caring and healthy environment for their children.

An understanding spouse, friend, family member or community resource can offer crucial emotional, financial or practical assistance. This helps a parent cope, which in turn supports the child better in the long term.

When parents partner with the right professional, such as an ABA therapist, they will find peace of mind, confidence and know-how to start their child on a journey that supports the entire family in a core way.

Here’s what you can do to help children on the autism spectrum:

Show them understanding.

Love them as you would any child.

Stretch your support muscles to extend empathy to their parents.

Stop judging their actions.

And if your child, like one in every 54 American children, has been diagnosed with autism, don’t throw up your hands. Reach out. Find the help you need. Gift your child by partnering with people who can help.

Parenting may be thankless yet it is endlessly rewarding. And no act is more satisfying than the action you will take to ensure your child gets the best shot at success.

ABA therapy Center where children with ASD master milestones one step at a time.

To join their circle of compassionate care, call 732.380.5222.

Www.circlecareservices.com  Highland park, NJ, Princeton, NJ, Neptune, NJ

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