December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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US Expresses Concern Over Nation-State Law

Says Israel must retain its democratic character

The US State Department responded to Israel’s controversial Nation-State Law which defines Israel as a Jewish state with a democratic form of government, saying “The United States’ position which has been unchanged for years is that Israel is a Jewish and democratic state in which all citizens should enjoy equal rights”.

State Department Spokesperson Jeff Rathke was the one who referred to the issue, calling out to Israel to retain its democratic nature. “This is the beginning of a process, it would be our general view though to expect any final legislation to continue Israel’s commitment to democratic principles”, he said.

MK Ze’ev Elkin, one of the bill initiators, was surprised the issue drew such attention from the Americans. “I was surprised to find that the Nation-State Law which I have been trying to promote for years, along with many friends, drew the American government’s attention. I thank our allies from across the sea at the American State Department for choosing to make time for the most ‘acute’ issue in the entire world,” he said sarcastically.

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