May 26, 2024
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May 26, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Ways to Strengthen Torah and Zechusim

Strengthening the Torah of Kollel Chatzos and bringing zechusim and bracha to klal Yisrael are the ultimate objectives for the administrators of Kollel Chatzos. It is for this reason that the women of Kollel Chatzos were recently lauded with a well-deserved evening of chizuk and appreciation at a special event held in their honor.

Rabbi Nechemya Hoffman, Founder and Director of Kollel Chatzos, a nighttime kollel with locations in Brooklyn, Monsey, Monroe and Meron, understands that a successful kollel is dependent upon the support and chizuk of the kollel members’ wives.

“In order for the women to be mechazek their husbands, they themselves need chizuk. This is where the idea of this event came in.”

The wives from the three New York locations gathered at Blueberry Manor, a bucolic outdoor venue located on the water, just outside Monroe. As the sun set, sixty women arrived to elegantly set tables, torch lighting, flowing fountains and a waterfall. The tranquil atmosphere set the tone for several amazing hours of chizuk and entertainment and the chance to recharge and connect with other women supporting their husbands in this exceptional life of Torah learning.

The program, meant to inspire and invigorate, did just that. Rebbetzin Bluming, Menaheles of Bobov, Monsey, spoke about the chashivus of supporting one’s husband in his Torah, quoting Rabbi Akiva who said about his wife: “My Torah is her Torah.” Mrs. Friedman, wife of the Monsey Rosh Kollel, shared her ideas and thoughts of chizuk, made stronger by her personal experience. Following a delectable dessert and the time for the many women to meet and mingle, Mrs. Weig inspired everyone as she recounted her life’s journey through illness.

The evening ended on a high note as the women formed their chairs into a circle and joined together for a rousing kumzitz. Accompanied by Mrs. Weig on the guitar, they poured their hearts out in song, a chorus of women proud to be unified in their commitment to living a very special life of Torah.

The organizers of the event shared that the feedback was beyond their expectations, and call after call came in, thanking them for the chizuk it provided. “Being part of something so unique can sometimes be isolating,” explained one caller. “Getting to meet the other women and seeing that they are normal just like me was so important to me!” In fact, two weeks later, during a dinner held for the men, the women took the initiative to keep each other company on a conference call, proving that the event had accomplished what it set out to do—provide an opportunity for connection and support.

The evening marked the end of summer and as everyone has begun facing the realities of the back-to-school season and the approaching Yomim Nora’im, the Kollel Chatzos office was busy fielding incoming calls for people seeking zechusim for themselves and their families.

Mr. Avrohom Chaim Goldman, Administrator, explains the increased interest in Kollel Chatzos partnerships stating, “There is something very comforting about knowing that your family is under the shemira and bracha of a talmid chacham who is learning and being mispallel on your behalf. This is true throughout the year, but especially so during Elul.”

As the hundreds of Kollel Chatzos partners daven for a good, healthy year, they know that the tefillos and Torah of the illustrious Kollel members are accompanying them. May the entire Klal Yisrael be zoche to a year filled with bracha and a kesiva vachasima tova.

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By Shoshana Bernstein

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