May 30, 2024
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May 30, 2024
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What to Know Before Upgrading Your Home’s HVAC System

(StatePoint) Not all home upgrades require a ton of research. But for more complicated repairs and replacements, being informed can help you make better decisions.

For example, replacing your home’s HVAC system is one thing you want to get right, as a good decision can benefit both your comfort and pocketbook for years to come.

“Before talking to a contractor, homeowners should be prepared with questions,” says Karl Zellmer, VP of Air Conditioning at Emerson Climate Technologies.

According to Zellmer, here are some important factors to consider and questions to discuss with your contractor:

• What size or capacity system is right for my home?

• What is the expected life span of my current system?

• How much should I plan to pay for a new system if mine has to be replaced?

• How much will my monthly energy bill be reduced with a new system? Are there ways to reduce it even more?

• Will the new system reliably produce the desired air temperature and humidity levels evenly throughout my home?

• What maintenance will the new system require? Will it automatically notify me when it needs servicing or repair?

• What are the contractor’s qualifications? Can they provide referrals from previous customers?

• Is my system environmentally friendly? Are there any government and utility rebates available for buying certain “high efficiency” equipment?

• Am I going to be adequately covered by a warranty and how long will I be covered?

• Am I purchasing the most up-to-date technology available? For example, will I be able to remotely monitor and control my home’s climate via the internet or a mobile device?

To view the results from recent homeowner research, and to learn more about what type of system might be best for your home, free resources are available at

If you own an older, problem-prone system, it might be time to skip the repairs and opt for a replacement instead. No matter your priorities, long-term reliability, modest operating costs and great year-round performance are key features to seek in your next HVAC system.

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