December 3, 2023
December 3, 2023

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It feels good to be at Yachad’s Vocational Training Program. I used to work at an occupational center where I fell asleep on the job. I did shower heads, where I had to put the shower heads back in the box. I did not like it there because I felt that I was capable of more. I decided to quit working there because they didn’t make me feel good.

Before Yachad I used to stay home all day sleeping, which wasn’t fun because I didn’t get any sleep at night. Now, I work at Shalom Yeladim. I help the teachers and the kids with their projects and put it in their folders. I help sweep the floor which helps the teachers out and that way the teacher doesn’t have to do it. I play with the kids. I help them clean up. I also set up their beds for nap time. On the first day I felt really nervous, a little excited, and a bit happy. After I met the teachers for the first time I felt better because I got to know the teachers better and they got to know me better. I felt more comfortable around the teachers after I got to work in their classroom. After two weeks I was no longer nervous, I felt extremely excited, and very happy.

This training prepares me for a real job in the future. I am learning from the students and the teachers. The people at Yachad are nice, we have fun together, and we work together.

Dorit Lives in Elizabeth, NJ, and is a participant in Yachad’s Vocational Training Program, which is a provider of self-directed day services, a program funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).

By Dorit Dickter

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