June 6, 2024
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June 6, 2024
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Why Aliyah Is More Crucial Now Than Ever

Your aliyah is not only a physical, geographical transition, it is in fact joining the Jewish people’s historical and national journey toward building a strong, safe and prosperous home.

My appeal to the global Jewish community is clear and unmistakable: Come to Israel. Especially in these trying times, aliyah takes on a new and powerful meaning, strengthening endurance and solidarity as well as your personal and vital contribution to shaping the country.

Making aliyah during wartime is of the utmost importance to the country.

The state of Israel, which owes its strong basis mainly to the historical waves of aliyah, thrives on the human, cultural and professional capital new immigrants bring.

Each aliyah wave provides Israel with innovation, skills and insights that allow Israeli society to progress and develop. Among other contributions, olim strengthen the economy, enrich our culture, and provide new ideas and initiatives.


Aliyah During the Israel-Hamas War

During the Gaza War, we passed an important state resolution called “Af Al Pi Chen” (nevertheless), named after the famous ship that set sail during the second aliyah wave.

This resolution, alongside other government programs that we launched over the past few months, holds new tidings for young couples, families and students who wish to make aliyah.

These important decisions that will be implemented effectively immediately include housing grants for families coming to live in either the Negev, the Galilee, or Yehuda and Shomron, as well as tuition aid for students all around the country.

In addition, universities will offer both bachelor’s and master’s studies held in each individual’s native language, combining them with social and communal support, a comprehensive accompaniment system for olim — from the moment of the decision-making all the way to the assimilation process — and increased Hebrew studies in local centers and online.

We will soon pass two other important resolutions introducing significant tax benefits for initial housing purchases in Israel. Moreover, in a collaborative process with the ministries of education, finance and science, we passed two critical decisions that will encourage aliyah among researchers and academics.

During this time, making aliyah projects a strong message of determination and commitment, evoking a sense of pride and unity among Israelis and strengthening morale.

Those Jews who came here during wartime made an immense contribution to Israel’s resilience and became a true role model of dedication and courage. Wartime aliyah is also a powerful testament to one’s affinity to the land and Jewish identity.

This appeal is not only important on a practical level — it holds deep moral value as well. The Jewish principles of camaraderie, altruism and solidarity oblige us to unite and stick together during times of crisis.

Making aliyah is an act of care and responsibility toward the Jewish people and the Jewish state. It is an act that manifests commitment to the Zionist vision and to the Jewish values of solidarity and cooperation.

Your aliyah is not only a physical, geographical transition, it is in fact joining the Jewish people’s historical and national journey toward building a strong, safe, and prosperous home. Be a part of this vision — be a part of the future.

The writer is the minister of aliyah and integration.

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