May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024
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Why Yeshiva University Needs a Young Voice

My name is Mordechai Weiss, a third-generation alumnus from YU, and I aspire to be the youngest vice president in Yeshiva University’s history. We are at a critical moment for the university, a time of both uncertainty and promise, so the choice of who will help lead Yeshiva as VP is of utmost importance. I believe it is crucial that the administration bring a young, passionate voice to the executive table.

When I arrived at YU as a freshman in 2014, we were ranked as one of the Top 50 Universities in America by U.S. News & World Report. Today, our university is ranked 97—the lowest ranking since 1997. We are at the back of the pack, but have the power and talent to be at the front.

Yeshiva University and its students have explosive potential. This has been proven throughout history and we must continue our legacy. Based on extensive research and focus groups with current and former students, I compiled an agenda consisting of five keys for how we will bring YU back to preeminence. I am committing to donate my first year’s salary to directly fund the five keys of my agenda.

In my first year as vice president, I will work tirelessly to help achieve the following:

1. Create a comprehensive alumni network, where alumni receive continued support from the university, and current students connect with alumni for career guidance, job placement opportunities, and other invaluable services.

2. Develop a thriving career center to guide students through each step of the job application process and facilitate access to companies worldwide. We will organize networking events for students to gain exposure to recruiters and employers.

3. Rebuild the bridge between the Wilf and Stern campuses, so that students can forge friendships and relationships like my grandparents did when they met at a YC-Stern event. I will spend one day a week on the Stern campus to ensure their needs are addressed.

4. Create a curriculum focused on experiential learning, ensuring that our students are prepared for life after graduation. I will increase resources to hire top-notch professors who will teach courses offering real-life, practical skills. YU needs to be a service-based institution, where legitimate needs and requests from the students and parents are addressed expeditiously, without a fight.

5. Reinvigorate our culture with excitement and passion. The goals of our administration can only be achieved with the heart and ambition of our students and alumni. With my candidacy, students and alumni will renew their commitment and enthusiasm for Yeshiva University because their voices will be heard at the executive level.

The fundamental issue facing Yeshiva University right now is a disconnect between the administration and students. Student satisfaction must be at the forefront of every decision. This is why it is imperative for the administration to bring in an individual that understands exactly what the students need and deserve. I believe one of my biggest assets is my age. As a fairly recent graduate, I have my finger on the pulse of the student body.

It is time to strengthen the alumni network and build a powerful community, especially in the academic and business world. We must confront the rise of
anti-Semitism, wear our YU logos proudly, and instill Jewish values in the future generations.

I am counting on you to join my campaign to help bring Yeshiva University back to its preeminence as a top 50 university. Since I launched my campaign on August 17, we received over 20,000 views on the launch video, and the support of hundreds of students, alumni and community members.

Learn more about my agenda and how we plan on accomplishing our goals at my website, For updates on my campaign, follow Mordechai Weiss on Facebook and Instagram.

YU deserves better. We will do better.

Mordechai Weiss
Washington Heights / Edison
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