May 20, 2024
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May 20, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Winners should contact [email protected] to claim your prize.


Deena, Noah and Jesse Friedman Teaneck. When Mama Goes Mad.
A Special Message From UPPDS

This Purim, we are celebrating unity and the strength that comes from community.
Wishing you a happy Purim, with hopes that Am Yisrael will soon be able to feel the true joy that will come along with peace, the safety of our soldiers and the return of our hostages.

Penso Family, Teaneck, The United Penso Purim Delivery Service.


Voystock family, Manhattan.
April O’Neil and the Ninja Turtles.



Judah Tracer is a first grader in Teaneck, and is excited to be dressed up as Jets quarterback Aaron “Hacohen” Rodgers giving an interview with his seforim in the background.  A few months ago Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers actually gave a sports interview with a set of seforim in his background, which provoked a lot of fun interest and intrigue by Jewish viewers. (The original image of the interview is also attached for context 🙂 ). Thanks very much and Chag Purim Sameach!!!!!


Annie Greenberg of Teaneck as
The Jewish Link!
Dov Adler of Teaneck as The Wrong Dovie, a reference to Dovie Neuburger.


Thank You for the Great Group Costume Contest Entries:

80s Purim! Strassman family of Fair Lawn.


Bari family, Bergenfield.


The Barbie Weitzens, Fair Lawn.


Yehuda, Eliana and Shifra Goldstein, Teaneck.


Greenspan family, Teaneck.


Liana, Ethan, and Jonah Faitelewicz, Teaneck.


Mazurek family, Fair Lawn.


Panitch family, New Milford. A Peter Pan Purim!


Rozenberg-Rozenbird Family, Washington Heights. A duck, two random birds, 1956 Thunderbird & two f16 fighting.


Moedler family. New Milford. Poppa Smurfs, Smurfettes and Gargamele.


Rieser family, Washington Heights.


Rivka, Yosef and Dovid Rosenzweig, Bergenfield.


Simon family, Highland Park.


Our Purim costume theme was inspired by this picture of the cast of the TV series of “Little House on Prairie.”


Baum family, Teaneck. Newsies.


Chayalet Eliana, Maccabi Haifa player Joey, DJ Raphi aka David, and Maccabi Tel Aviv player Benjy Fridman, Teaneck


Dani (Bowser), Tara (Princess Peach), Jamie (Mario), Sauly (Luigi) Super Miodowniks! Fair Lawn.


Gamzeh family. Cleveland Cavaliers- two basketball players and two cheerleaders.


ICE, ICE, BABY! Alana, Meir and Kira Popowitz. Bergenfield.


Lipschitz family, Englewood. Purim SWIFTmeach!


Dovid and Avraham Rusanov, Fair Lawn.


Lamm family, Fair Lawn. Dressed as the volunteer farmers from Montana who visited Israel.


Lola and Sammy Borg, Bergenfield.


Leon Elia (age 2 years 8 months), as Batman.


Nina and Judah Eizikovitiz as Mona Lisa Vito and Vincent LaGuardia Gambini, My Cousin Vinny.


Papir family, Teaneck. Super Mario and Friends.


Selevan family, Bergenfield.


Adams family, Teaneck.


Devora, Noam and Rami Lubofsky, White Plains.


Libby Block and Lola Kestenbaum, Englewood.


Talia Sher and Leebee Sher, Bergenfield. Princess astronaut and Elsa.


Friedman family, Jersusalem.


Nunez family, Elizabeth. Aladdin theme!


Rosenberg family. Fair Lawn.


Baruch family, Teaneck.


Montal family, Teaneck.


Rosa and Jacob Goldberg, Highland Park.


Schulgasser family, Teaneck, Super Marios Bros.


Daniella Saks, Teaneck- Friendshp bracelets..


Isabella, Zachary, and Hannah Hoffman as Garrett Wilson and his cheerleaders.


Weinberger family, Bergenfield.


Zachary and Ari Fischweicher, Fair Lawn.


AJ, age 3.5 and Daniella, age 16 months, Horowitz, Fair Lawn. Baker and cupcake.


Bacharach family, The Little Mermaid, Teaneck.


Bednarsh family, Bergenfield.


Cohen Family. Vashti and Achashveirosh.


Daniella Saks, Teaneck- Friendshp bracelets..


Eliason family, Bergenfield- Greg, Rebecca, Levi and Dani.


Isabella, Zachary, and Hannah Hoffman as Garrett Wilson and his cheerleaders.


Landesman family. A Tom Cruise Purim. Show me the costumes!


Weinberger family, Bergenfield.


Zachary and Ari Fischweicher, Fair Lawn.


Chana Rochel and Devora Jakubovic. Big Sis, Little Sis swap. Riverdale.


Dylan Elia (age 7 months), as Robin.


Ezzi, Lilly & Coby Koslowsky, Fair Lawn.


Tzipora and Reuven Cohen, Haverstraw.


Feuerstein family, Hillside- Emuna, Shaindy, Eli, Izzy and Talya.


Lisa, Josh, Ayla, Daphna and Tali Gottlieb, New Milford. No Theme-Theme.


Thank You for the Great Individual Costume Contest Entries:


Aaron Adams, Teaneck.


Annie Greenberg, Teaneck. Cereal and Milk.


Batya Adams, Teaneck.


Eli Adams, Teaneck.


Adam Saks, Teaneck.


Batya Nachbar, Teaneck.


Eitan Bari, Bergenfield.


Ezzi Koslowsky, Fair Lawn.


Jacob Goldberg, Highland Park.


Dani Eliason, age 10, Bergenfield. Dressed up as his least favorite food, broccoli.


Gavi Levy, Passaic.

Jakey Selevan, Bergenfield.


JJ Simon, Highland Park.


Temimah Zucker, Teaneck. Spoonful of Zucker.


Julia Pariser, age 6, New Milford.
Leora Bari, Bergenfield.


Lori Rotblat, age 11, Teaneck.


Meir Bari, Bergenfield.


Rifka Samuel as Nikki Haley. Bergenfield.


Shlomo Katz, Clifton. Mamish Amish.


Talia Sher, Bergenfield.


Mika Montal, Teaneck.


Miri Schulgasser, age 9 – Handmade giraffe costume.
Nate Borgen, Hillside.


Rosa Goldberg, Highland Park.


Tamar Adams, Teaneck.


Yehoshuah Levyhaim, age 10, Linden.


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