June 16, 2024
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June 16, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Wrap-Up of the NORPAC Mission May 10, 2023

NORPAC was great. We’ll be back. We still need you!

10 Mission Successes

1. We had the wonderful opportunity to wake up at the crack of dawn, daven with a minyan at Keter Torah, ride down in the bus to Washington, D.C. to meet Members of Congress in person for the first time after three COVID years! Dayenu.

2. Our buses were full of enthusiastic adults and students, studying, rehearsing, Googling, reading, eating and even snoozing. (On the return? Comparing notes, eating, and of course snoozing.) Dayenu.

3. In these troubled times of divisiveness, aggression and violence, we showed our hishtadlus and acted as am echad b’lev echad in our advocacy for Israel. Dayenu.

4. Most meetings went well as we spoke about the U.S.-Israel relationship and discussed the mutual benefits to the U.S.-Israel relationship: intelligence, defense, American jobs, impact on world stability, education and Palestinian Authority textbooks, and the likely nature of future warfare (chas v’shalom). Dayenu.

5. We spoke of the Iran threat on land, in international waters, and of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist body, and promoted the related bipartisan resolutions for the House and Senate. Dayenu.

6. We met with longtime congressional supporters and new members of Congress, and asked them to co-sponsor the relevant bipartisan bills if they had not already. Dayenu.

7. The teens were great, whether with teachers or parents: informed, articulate and passionate—be proud if yours was there! Dayenu.

8. NORPAC is the first volunteer organization to organize a strong pro-Israel visit to Congress since COVID-19—hardly any other visitors were in the halls, and we made a real impression. Dayenu.

9. We enlisted a number of new co-sponsors for the House and Senate resolutions we described. Dayenu.

10. If you join us in our year-round advocacy for Israel, and/or come with us next year (unless Mashiach comes first) then we will truly have a major success. Help us to say, “Dayenu!”

To get involved, contact Avi Schranz, executive director, NORPAC, at [email protected]

Mollie K. Fisch
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