June 23, 2024
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June 23, 2024
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Yeshivat Noam Wins Eighth Grade Basketball Tourney

After a year of no Yeshiva League sports, eighth graders were treated to an end of year basketball tournament on Father’s Day featuring the SAR Sting, Noam Knights, Yavneh Redhawks and RYNJ Jaguars.

Votee Park in Teaneck was host to the full day tournament which saw the preliminary rounds feature each school playing each other one time. Parents, grandparents, heads of schools, friends and family packed the outdoor courts to finally watch their teams compete in a winner-take-all tournament.

Game one featured Noam hosting Yavneh. From the tip, and under the scorching sun, it was evident the kids were excited to be back playing with both teams traded buckets and all out energy was on full display. Coaches on both teams ensured all players got some much needed playing time and the game was both exciting and energetic. In the end, Noam pulled away late in the second half for the game one victory.

Game two matched up SAR hosting RYNJ, and similar to the first game, the Sting and Jaguars kept trading baskets. The game was hard fought to the end, but SAR squeaked out a five point victory with clutch free throw shooting to seal the game.

The tournament continued with game three and the Yavneh Redhawks hosting the SAR Sting. Playing under the red hot sun and in a packed Votee Park, the Yavneh squad came out victorious.

In between games, kids and coaches frequented the local restaurant scene on W. Englewood Ave, to eat and get some much needed AC relief. Parents and friends alike all joined during their breaks and everyone got to hang, catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

Coming off a two game hiatus and a 1-0 record, the Noam Knights were hosted by the RYNJ team in game four, eager and hungry for a victory. Their energy and desire showed as the Jaguars ended the half on a 7-0 run and went into the half trailing by three points. After a back and forth beginning to the second half, Noam pulled away and ended the first half of the tournament in first place with a 2-0 mark.

As it turned to late afternoon, game five saw SAR hosting the Noam team. Both teams showed great energy and bench play, but when the final buzzer sounded, Noam was standing on top in round one with a 3-0 mark and waiting for the winner of the final game—Yavneh vs. RYNJ—to see who they would play in the championship.

The last and final game, game six had major implications. If Yavneh won, they would face off, with a 2-1 record, against the 3-0 Noam Knights. An RYNJ win would mean a three-way tie (at 1-2) between SAR, RYNJ and Yavneh, with tiebreakers yet to be decided.

Both teams wanted and needed a win and showed their true grit and championship pedigree with each team trading buckets during the entire first half. After some fiery pep talks from both their coaches, the second half was underway and the game went back and forth with multiple lead changes. Yavneh pulled away late in the second half and when the final horn sounded, the championship game was set.

Final standings had the Noam Knights at 3-0 in first place; In second place was Yavneh with a 2-1 record; Third place went to SAR with a 1-2 record and RYNJ rounded out the group with a 0-3 record.

All games were hard fought and in tough outdoor heat conditions, and it was amazing and inspirational to see the teams competing for the names on the front of their uniforms—their schools.

The championship game saw the Noam Knights host the Yavneh Redhawks in a rematch to the opening game and bragging rights up in the air.

At the end of the first half, Yavneh held a five point lead with 16 minutes left to claim victory.

The start of the second saw arching 3-pointers made, acrobatic layups and passes, and great teamwork and ball movement. With the lead changing every minute in the third, the energy in the park was electric with both teams showing great school spirit while the RYNJ and SAR teams both cheered on their friends. After three quarters, Noam held a slim lead, but it was still anyone’s game.

With the final eight minutes underway, both teams fought hard, and dug deep for the championship trophy. Noam pulled ahead with a tough eight minute stretch to take the lead for good and when all was said and done, the Noam Knights claimed victory.

A special thanks to the schools, the coaches and all the parents for allowing this wonderful event to take place. It was a great end of the year for the kids and a memory they will not soon forget. Congratulations to the Noam Knights, Coach Rabbi Yosef Weinberger and its players on a wonderful tournament.

Players from the teams included. Noam: Eyal Kinderlehrer, Max Schachter, Dovid Saks, Benzion Keiser, Ezra Stern, Moshe Strulowitz, Yonatan Halstuch, Avraham Schorr, Shiya Forgash, Binyanmin Sheinfeld and Yitz Goldstein. Yavneh: Noah Lowe, David Weisbrot, Shawn Caplan, Tamir Citron, Josh Schiffman, Aiden Marks, Jonathan Brandsdorfer, Brian Jackson, David Berg and Joel Weisberg. SAR: Ethan Vorchheimer, Don Turock, Jakey Gissinger, Jacob Madof, Nachi Ney, Cobi Jason, Jonah Blechner and Ari Blechner. RYNJ: Yissachar Zauderer, Hillel Fried, Akiva Fried, Dov Klar, Josh Treuhaft, Dovid Lichstein, Nochi Book, Yonah Mandel, Ben Safier, Abie Jacoby, Binyomin Savetsky and Ari Markowitz.

By Dovey Forman


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